Saturday, September 3, 2011

Video Surveillance w/ Remote Online Video Stream?

Question by Kyrie Eleison: Video clip Surveillance w/ Remote On-line Video clip Stream?
Hey guys, I'm looking for a video clip surveillance technique that would permit me to stream reside video more than the internet remotely on a personal computer. I have noticed logitech getting some offerings and some by ADT that would let me to monitor my home with a cell mobile phone software along with a subscription which I do not want. Logitech also has a free support but I do not feel it would suit my requirements. I do not treatment for smartphone apps and streaming and would extremely considerably favor a single that would permit me to look at my home from any personal computer.

Thanks guys.

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Reply by Jonathan Alexander
Use ActiveWebcam computer software. If you have previous camcorders you want to turn into a webcam/security digital camera then use DVDriver or WebcamDV.

But actually if you have only one particular digital camera then just use skype. You can view it anywhere you can use skype (even on your cellphone for free of charge).

Your property camera will constantly be on and you can get a movement detector webcam and you happen to be set.

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