Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What would you do if you thought your neighbor had a video surveillance cam aimed right at your home?

Query by kaspercoffee: What would you do if you assumed your neighbor had a video surveillance cam aimed right at your residence?
She looks to know Every thing we do. We are new neighbors and no criminal document. Only a single minor window on their upper floor that faces our property so they would have to view out the window all day. I know that is not probable, so they have to have a closed circuit tv qualified on our property. They know when we have UPS deliveries, consult who was in our driveway (whilst they knew we ended up here), why we were moving out selected furnishings when we just obtained it, they know our furnishings deliveries, when my kid comes above, whether or not or not I depart in the day (she even stated that I keep in alot), and so forth. This is all just points they couldn't know except they have a tv keep track of proper by their television set viewing us. I am really acquiring creeped out. This is violating my every day privacy rights. What would you do?
We bought the home.

Finest remedy:

Remedy by u_desire_214
I would phone the police. She can be labeled as a stalker. If practically nothing else, shoot her!!! J.K. If the police will not do something, do a thing gross that will make her stop seeking to look in your window.

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How do you set up a motion activated switch on a CCTV camera?

Question by soworthy: How do you set up a motion activated switch on a CCTV camera?

Best answer:

Answer by Blank B
I found an EXCELLENT program at www.securityspy.com that is only $ 50, and does not require hardware. It works by sselecting a certain area of the cameras view (or the whole view) and then you set a sensetivity also. It comes with a 30-day trial too.

Other features it includes would be time delay, or scheduled recording, you can have it send an e-mail everyy time it pics up motion, sound an alarm, record to an online server so that no one can break in and destroy your security system, and then some other really cool things. It works for multiple cameras too. As long as you CCTV is capable of hooking up to a computer, you are good. If not, e-mail the company and they will direct you to where you can purchase this little converter box (which is also about $ 50) that you can hook up to your computer, eliminating the need for multiple TVs. They are extremely helpful.

Hope that helps.

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Video Surveillance for front door of home?

Question by Karla: Video clip Surveillance for front doorway of home?
I believe someone is coming into my residence. Does any person know where I can purchase a little hidden digital camera? I am on a price range so I cannot devote tons of funds. I just need to have video of my front doorway. Any tips would be appreciated. Thank you

Greatest answer:

Solution by Eye of Innocence
Often a fake camera will make them think twice, and would be less costly. I'd check out that 1st and if you nonetheless experience an individual is coming into your home then get the genuine issue...

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Replace all misdemeanor jail sentences with home confinement and 24/7 video surveillance?

Question by DEXTER: Substitute all misdemeanor jail sentences with home confinement and 24/7 video surveillance?
Believe of all the funds that can be saved.
I know about home arrest, but I mean a hundred% of all the convictions.

Very best answer:

Reply by A Name Goes Appropriate Right here
They already have this variety of issue as an option. It's named home arrest.

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How cam you become a spy kid?

Question by ♥Horse_Lover ♥: How cam you become a spy kid?
well, me and my bro always liked spies. how can we become one?
where can we learn training? what should we know? tips? where to get spy gear? how to be in FBI when we grow up? how to become spys now?

we are 13 and 11 (about to be 14 and 12 in a few months (jan and feb))

Best answer:

Answer by Al Pal
it's not possible. your too young.

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wireless Motion-activated Security camera?

Question by DeMoN: Wireless Motion-activated Protection digital camera?
Hi there, I have a place up 60 miles north that needs additionally safety, so we determined to have a camera that would take a photo every single time some thing moves ( be it an animal or human, and so forth.) that retailers on flash memory, like an SD card or something. It would have to be battery driven, since we do not have electrical power up there.

Is there these kinds of a thing?

Finest answer:

Reply by Sales D
go to www.techcctv.com or give them a contact they can assist

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Friday, May 27, 2011

How can I make my own fake security camera?

Question by Sabby R: How can I make my very own fake protection camera?
I need to have a couple of fake safety cameras all around my property, I have observed inexpensive charges on the internet, but it can be not possible for me to acquire it on the web because of to some unmentionable issues...

So, how can I make my own? Website link me to vids or good recommendations make sure you!

Greatest remedy:

Reply by fhotoace
Just a damaged digital camera and mount it wherever you require it.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

What toys/games should we have to keep 8-9 yr. old boys from destroying my house?

Question by momof2boys: What toys/video games really should we have to retain eight-9 yr. previous boys from destroying my property?
I have two boys, ages 5 & eight. They play rather mellow jointly - video games, legos, creative play and so forth. But when we have neighborhood kids (other boys ages seven-9) above, it is a cost-free for all. The boys all go wild and play really agressively - tons of energy expelled and not very constructively. Toys get damaged, kids get hurt and my property is getting slowing destroyed. I believe our toys are probably also "young" and they get bored fast? We have legos, Thomas Trains, Playmobile sets, Lincoln Logs, Very hot Wheels, Rescue Heroes, Spy Gear things, and so forth. We are not interested in acquiring any gaming techniques (playstation, wii, etc.) for a few a long time. Does everyone have any tips on winter, indoor toys/video games that boys this age like to do inside? Or do you believe I just require to be stricter and insist they settle down in some way and play with what we have? When they are all playing at other houses, they mostly play the gaming programs (or go wild in someone's unfinished basement wherever the proprietor does not treatment what they do).

Best solution:

Solution by momma2mingbu
I consider they just will need a lot more supervision. Buying much more things just provides them a lot more things to make a mess with or ruin. If they are too wild, bundle them up and send them exterior to work off some vitality.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Q&A: I am looking to install 4 wireless motion-activated cameras around the house..anyone ever do this?

Query by Alexander M: I am seeking to set up 4 wireless movement-activated cameras around the residence..any person at any time do this?
I prefer wireless, weather-evidence and need to document anything to my house network server.

Greatest remedy:

Answer by Tiny Dog
I would propose that you use a devoted surveillance DVR relatively than a typical data server. Video can use a lot of storage room and IP cameras are a whole lot much more costly than non-IP cameras... then, when you assign the IP deal with to the DVR and include it to your property network, you can nonetheless get to the video clip from a personal computer on your network... or you can also set up monitoring cabilities by connecting the keep an eye on-out jack on the DVR to the televisions on you home. You can't do this monitoring part with IP based mostly cameras very simply.

And... you do recognize that "wireless" implies the only wireless component is the video clip connection... the digital camera even now needs energy - and you require a wire for that (unless you get a solar driven one particular with a battery that charges when the sun is out...

Go to Frys.com. In the blue tabs on the left, hover more than "Electronic Parts" and stick to the route: Safety: Closed Circuit Television: and look in CCTV kits, Recorders, Wired or Wireless cameras.

I use a 4-channel Lorex recorder and have a mix of Lorex, Swann and Q-See cameras - all are outdoor rated with evening vision. Mine are all wired (video signal), also. Any of the cameras significantly less than $ 100 will not present decent video clip.

Of training course, if you have a massive finances, then verify the PTZ IP cams in the domes... At $ one,000 every or more, they will not fairly make sense to me, but the Pan, Tilt, Zoom features are pretty awesome... and if you can find the money for these, you ought to most likely hire a person to do the installation.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How to make a transmitter?

Query by nonme85851: How to make a transmitter?
I want to know how to make a radio transmitter. I am making this alarm for our neighbors' pool. Anyone was in their pool very last evening and drained like ten gallons out of the pool. This laser protection method will be created out of these two kid's play lasers from spy gear. It will want to be completed simply. The thief stole our CDs out of our car as well.

Very best reply:

Remedy by KC
Check here for guides on how to make a radio transmitter-

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Where do I get a good easy to use nanny cam or surveillance camera?

Question by christian few: Wherever do I get a good straightforward to use nanny cam or surveillance camera?
Does any one know of a excellent straightforward to use nanny cam or surveillance camera? 1 that is not to outrageously expensive. Thank you for your help!

Finest reply:

Solution by Terry
Excellent question but not simple if you want one thing that functions just plug in and walk absent effectively they are not low cost. But low-cost is a relative expression when it comes to your children's safety.
Consider a look at this site http://www.SpyCamsSpyEquipment.com on the front web page there is a brief video of how straightforward a Nanny Cam functions and how it can be used. There are numerous types to chose from but this is a tool for peace of head and can be utilized for a lot of other points besides checking on the Nanny. Just preserve in mind that if you are not that technical than you want a thing that is wireless and possibly you plug it in or it runs on batteries. That is why these ones expense more but are well worth each penny.
I hope I have been of some help. I know that www.SpyCamsSpyEquipment.com specials with American created substantial high quality Nanny Cam and Spy Products manufactures.

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Q&A: kids spy room decor ideas?

Question by Rick: little ones spy space decor tips?
I am redecorating my 8 year old sons room for Christmas and he would like a spy space. He has a whole lot of spy gear toys and is dressing up like a spy for Halloween. He Enjoys spy associated anything. I am not a fantastic decorator and I am obtaining trouble coming up with cool suggestions for his spy themed room. Any concepts as significantly as shades, decor, and misc ideas will assist.

Finest answer:

Response by Boni Hubbard
Does he have a favorite spy tremendous hero? Google the title of his hero along with bedding, and so on.
i.e., Spiderman bedding Superman pajamas. Super hero Posters.
I hope this assists

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Friday, May 20, 2011

I want to be a(n eleven year old) spy...HELP?

Issue by Anna: I want to be a(n eleven year aged) spy...Aid?
I'm only eleven but men and women tell me I am actually intelligent & sneaky, I would truly like to discover a lot more about the (Actual) art of spying but I do not know what to do or exactly where to go to learn much more. I also want to know if there is any (True) spy gear like in Spy Kids (the motion picture) and where I can get some for cheap? And the very last and most essential factor is want to be in a position to acquire all of this with out any person (especially my mother and father ) realizing.

Oh yeah and P.S. I will give bonus points to whoever can reply this last Q where can I get a minor bug like Juni's spy beetle Ralph in the motion picture Spy Kids????

Best answer:

Answer by hachacha
Unless you want to shell out millions of dollars on "spy gear" good luck.

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Home video surveillance question...?

Question by tacoma: Residence video surveillance query...?
Does any person have a technique to advise for a
tiny residence. What would you look to get if evening safety
is an problem. I understand individuals are purchasing methods that
connect to a personal computer, but would not that need a relatively
high-priced personal computer? Mostly interested in road and
backyard safety. Manufacturers and price variety that you
experience would do the job. thanks

Very best solution:

Response by mommy of two
I have them each and every wherever, very first you don't need a higher tech pc. Go on ebay that is where my husband acquired them from. Check out to appear up actual time 4 channel wireless receiver design (RC530A) Then seem up LYD RoHS WIRELESS camera design (802) and see if that can support you the price tag I never know but that's how and wherever we received them. Alright you will need the receiver, and hook that up to your comp. and that's what displays you the action, and then you put the camares in which actually you would like I hope I helped a little sorry great luck seeking and buying!!!

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Need advice for home video surveillance.?

Question by Daniel: Want advice for home video clip surveillance.?
I want to set up camera to know who enters and who exits the home.

If i acquire IP camera i still need to have some recorder to file video clip for later evaluation correct?

What is lowest priced setup i can have thinking about i dont want to melt away significantly electricity also considering that it heading to be on all the day.

Best solution:

Response by sufzz
here is huge selection of video clip surveillance. examine it out i f u foundthe very best u can thanks me. ) u can examine prices there r some quite cheaps also.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Anyone here considering home surveillance video as protection to a home invasion?

Question by Newell: Anyone the following thinking about property surveillance video as safety to a home invasion?
I previously have a movement activated digital camera to see who is snooping close to in my backyard when I am at operate.

I am contemplating however, of finding surveillance cameras for my home. I have burglar bars and doors, but people only operate if they are locked. If a person follows me residence and sticks a gun in my experience as I am unlocking the gate to my driveway, certainly, I am going to comply. There are no secrets in this ghetto, so I suppose the local gang members know I have guns. So I dread them ambushing me one particular night time and finding access to my property. I am five foot 4 and 118 lbs and not extremely physically imposing. Also the gun I carry is only a .25 automobile, and I carry it in such a way as to avoid detection in a cease and frisk, so a quick draw is out of the query. So if somebody draws a 9 (the current favored weapon of 18th Street Gang) on me, I will have to comply.

I think it might be useful, if some gang members are in my home to tell them :"Oh, by the way, there are 6 cameras that have been taking your pictures. Kill me, and you will devote the up coming thirty many years on Death Row."

But all that would count on them NOT currently being able to locate the video clip recorder. Is there some internet service that you can shell out to upload video clip and keep it, so burglars and criminals cannot get ahold of it?

I reside in Los Angeles. There are no gun permits here.

If you really believe that a person would rather be inside of prison rather than outdoors of it, you lack a basic comprehending of the genuine planet.
Glacierwolf's Boyfriend: The word is "you might be" (quick for "you are,") not "your."

There are no gun permits in Los Angeles. Large city cops do not like locals. They like other cops and see all non cops as the enemy. 18th Gang has 25,000 members. They are not afraid of the 10,000 members of the Los Angeles Police Department and they are not frightened of me. I guess you dwell in a truly little town. All your guidance is worthless in a mega city. Stick to gving suggestions to Mayberry R.F.D.

Very best answer:

Answer by Father Christmas
I have them at my property. These game cams offer for anywhere from $ forty to $ 140. For that sum of funds, you can photograph people that are lurking around your residence the two day and night, although you are absent.

Numerous burglars will visit a place days in advance of actually robbing a property. They want to see how effortless it is to get access, and if a particular person has a puppy or not.

An additional easy point to do is use programmable timers to turn on lights and radios at diverse instances in the course of the day and evening. Just tuning your radio into a talk display and obtaining it occur on a couple instances a day will sound like men and women are having a conversation within your property.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

I need a home security camera that is motion activated and records footage to a PC?

Question by eaglesfan: I want a home protection digital camera that is motion activated and information footage to a Laptop?

Finest reply:

Answer by hotzelj
Linksys has these.

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

I think they have hidden cameras in their house (nanny job)?

Question by BB: I assume they have concealed cameras in their residence (nanny career)?

Here's the point. I thinkt the household i function as a nanny for have hidden cameras in their house, i am suspicious as i around heard them chatting about protection cameras, quite briefly but nonetheless...i constantly felt as if they have them, perhaps i'm paranoid but the dad and mom are extremely controlling...So, my query is how can i quickly locate out if they have them (asking them is not an option). Is there any widespread areas they generally hide them and what are the indications...I believe they have one particular in their bathroom and living place but this loved ones is sort of ridiculous so i assume they have one particular in all of their rooms. So make sure you assist, if you know something, thanks alot.
I do not have a difficulty with it if they had informed me Just before. I'm not performing anything at all improper it really is not at all about that. I assume it's an invasion of privacy. IF they had informed me just before i would be Okay with it but not telling me is what worries me due to the fact i do not want to be on digital camera, what do i know about what they would do with the footage? i never like men and women having me on camera without having me agreeing and declaring indeed to that. what's so incorrect with that? Individuals must notify you these factors just before, it can be only organic, now it can be much more like they are spying on me, get it?
I am not concerned about losing my job, i am planing on quitting anyways. Another factor i also assume they have is microphones...I just don't like folks who are sneaky about it, just notify me before so i know, and the digital camera in the rest room issue is just something i am actually suspicious of and worries me the most simply because it's just...sick.

Finest answer:

Response by Texperson
If you are a good nanny, this shouldn't be an problem for you. I believe if I had babies and minor kids by yourself all day with a caregiver, I would also want to be confident everything was being handled nicely.

So why does it hassle you so a lot? If you are just performing your job correct, the cameras will exhibit excellent treatment. If you are not, you should give up anyway. Cameras or no cameras.

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Regarding home video surveillance?

Question by Nesquick: With regards to residence video clip surveillance?
Do I require to warn the public that my property becoming video monitored if I desired to use any actions versus my property in court?
I've study someplace that you need to have to put out a sign to alert men and women. I dwell in Philadelphia, Pa.
No seriously. Someone stole my outgoing mail from my mailbox and a neighbor retains placing their trash in front of my property and it is not disposed of appropriately so I'm going to stop up acquiring fined for it. I require to show that it can be their trash.

Very best reply:

Solution by lacy
Dang...wherever do you stay?

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

with survellience everywhere, would it be legal for me to place a motion activated camera on my door /?

Query by 1CAsweetheart: with survellience almost everywhere, would it be legal for me to area a motion activated camera on my doorway /?
Victim of breaking/entering, theft of purse, all credit cards employed stay in apartment advanced with unusually large crime charge. Thief observed me asleep, morning, as purse was near me. Do not feel secure any more, legal to video clip digital camera as deterrant and proof?

Greatest response:

Solution by moral808
Inside of your home you can video something you choose, outside you need to post a indication warning of video clip surveillance.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Motion-activated camera?

Question by rzrbk62: Motion-activated camera?
Can anyone inform me what would be a good choice for a movement-activated digital camera? I have a very small dog who is by some means getting on leading of my kitchen countertops when I am not residence, & I want to see how he is accomplishing this feat! Or ought to I just set up a camcorder?

Very best reply:

Reply by Anthony Lopez
Greater for you to just get a camcorder (if you have one already) due to the fact my home setup cost 299.99 for 2 wireless movement activated cameras and components that record on motion to a SD card slot.

Somewhat spend $ twenty (for digital camera tape) then $ 300 (home movement activated setup) to see my canine do one thing. Like they say "Curiosity killed the cat" but in this circumstance it would be the dog. Haha.

The dog will most likely do some thing quite soon anyways when you depart and turn the camera on. Righttt? ha.

Glad to assist.

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Q&A: Where do I get super cool cheap spy gear?!?

Question by MusicalGirl: Where do I get super cool inexpensive spy gear?!?
okay. so i want some really cool spy gear, just like they use in the films! So like ear cellphone items, and all that stuff!
Like in spy little ones! I have no thought why i want this stuff... but its cool. So if u discover anyplace wherever i can get it.......... it'd be of assist!

Very best answer:

Answer by cocaroca97
attempt issues like amazon.com or ebay

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Good Nanny Cam/House Surveillance cameras?

Question by mother of 2: Good Nanny Cam/Property Surveillance cameras?
Can anyone advocate a great Nanny Cam or Residence surveillance digital camera method? I require one particular I can watch on the pc at residence and if possible at work. I am hiring a nanny and I really don't have a large house at all, but I want to see whats going on. Many thanks!!

Best solution:

Solution by misscjag
I have a plant that has a created in camera - Go to Spy Master in London.

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

I am looking for a motion activated wireless camera that will run on my linksys network that will email ....?

Query by ohwonderboy: I am searching for a movement activated wireless digital camera that will operate on my linksys network that will electronic mail ....?
I am looking for a motion activated wireless digital camera that will run on my linksys wireless network and will e mail nonetheless frames to what ever electronic mail address I specify. Would be great if I could entry the digital camera dwell from the internet. Any person have any excellent recommendations that won't break the bank? Many thanks!!!!

Very best remedy:

Remedy by Ponka
try http://www.uspystore.com/ they have lots of goodies.

also try http://www.ezwatchstore.com/ much more goodies

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Q&A: i live in on base housing and would lke to get a nanny camera installed?

Issue by hopeshadows84: i stay in on base housing and would lke to get a nanny digital camera installed?
Is Tht legal? The digital camera would be for my babysitter.

Finest solution:

Response by mgan
Certain, you just have to repair any holes you set in the wall.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

what is a cheap solution to home video surveillance?

Issue by john franco: what is a low-cost resolution to house video surveillance?
I am acquiring difficulties with folks stealing my stuff and vandalizing my residence. I want to check the outside and within but not have the cameras inside visible. I am not trying to spend a entire whole lot on this. Make sure you advocate me cheap video clip cameras. (wireless preferred)

Greatest response:

Reply by Mmm J
"Wireless" surveillance cameras use much more wires that wired surveillance cameras...

Wired cams: One particular cable carrying video clip signal and electrical power back to the recording device and power resource.

Wireless cam: The camera has a electric power cable. The digital camera transmits wireless video to a base station. The base station has a cable for video clip connecting to the video clip recorder or check and a cable for energy.

The minimum pricey cameras will have no night time vision. Is this a requirement?
The minimum high-priced video recording platform will most likely be a VHS tape unit you may well previously have. You could need to buy tapes.

How many cameras do want to install?
How good are you expecting the resolution to be?
Instead than VHS tape, use of a hard disc drive in a surveillance DVR may well be worthwhile.

There are some kits accessible...

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Q&A: Are nanny cameras right/legal?

Issue by April L: Are nanny cameras right/legal?
These days iwent in the basement pantry to gt some meals from the freezer and they had a laptop or computer protection program from in their house. I wouldnt care if they had asked me but i have been babysitting for them for three yrs and i t kind of makes me feel uncomftorable. is is this right or legal?

Greatest response:

Reply by smalls
ya as long as it is not in the rest room. ya sry that does kinda suck huh.

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Q&A: What is a good sound or motion activated spy camera?

Question by Bearz fan: What is a great sound or motion activated spy digital camera?
Can a person notify me a spy camera with a motion or sound activation, and it has to be little so they dont locate out, i want to know if my girlfriend is cheating on me, and i dont want individuals to inform me i need to trust her or w/e, just tell me the camera info, thanks

Very best solution:

Remedy by Ashley
Try out this hyperlink:
http://www.abt.com/lookup/search.php?key phrases=survellience&picture.x=&image.y=&image=submit

There are some laptop computer cameras also in there but you can select the one that suits your budget. I believe the pursuing two are very good:

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