Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Q&A: do you guys know where i can find a waterproof wall clock nanny camera?

Query by |||RocK3r|||: do you men know in which i can discover a waterproof wall clock nanny digital camera?
i live with roomates and for some cause my toothbrush is constantly wet..i confront them about it and none confess to employing it..or worse. i not too long ago obtained a wall clock camera but it was quite cheap which had and Okay picture. a single a person showered (no im not peeking at the guys showering) the steam i guess received in the cables and now there is no signal to the receiver, i experimented with testing in my place and nothing, it seems to be dead. any h2o proof or bathroom secure wall clock cameras you know about and in which i can obtain them? a standard black and white or coloured 1 is Okay. nothing also extreme. thank you !

Best response:

Reply by anthony h
Why don't you just retain your toothbrush in a plastic bag absent your roommates (like preserve it in your space in a drawer)? In the meantime, just leave a dummy toothbrush in the bathroom. If you're sensation like testing them, you can put some scorching pepper stuff on it. Would seem like that would be a great deal less costly than a camera clock.

Otherwise, what you happen to be undertaking is fundamentally illegal--taping men and women in a private region without their consent--and you might be critically putting by yourself at risk of jail more than a freakin' toothbrush.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I need to help my husband run a business, but I have no office management experience, what should I do?

Query by Josephine: I want to aid my husband run a organization, but I have no office environment administration experience, what really should I do?
My husband desires me to display more curiosity in his organization of home theater, video surveillance, personal computer networking organization, he needs a actual office manager, but I am not as educated as I need to have for this, What need to I do?

Greatest response:

Answer by sleaze
assist him. do what is greatest 4 the two of u

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How Can I Improve My Deck? (Yu-Gi-Oh)?

Question by Chris: How Can I Improve My Deck? (Yu-Gi-Oh)?
How can I improve this dragon deck?

Blue-Eyes White Dragon(x3)
Luster Dragon(x3)
Dragon Dwelling in the Cave
Koumori Dragon

Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon
Armed Dragon Lv.5
Armed Dragon Lv.3
Masked Dragon(x3)
Element Dragon
Mirage Dragon
Lord of D.
Spirit Ryu
Twin Headed Behemoth

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

Flute of Summoning Dragon(x2)
Swords of Revealing Light
Symbol of Heritage
Dian Keto the Cure Master
Dark Factory of Mass Production
Brain Control
Magical Mallet
Fusion Sage

Torrential Tribute
Magic Jammer
Trap Jammer
Spellbinding Circle
Riryoku Field
Call of the Haunted
The Dragon's Bead
Magic Cylinder

The cards below are extras I have that I can put in this deck, and note that I would like to keep it between 40-45 cards. (I think I can get a Future Fusion, but I currently do not have one)

Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon
Theinin the Great Sphinx
Andro Sphinx
Sphinx Telia
Sanga of the Thunder
Elemental Hero Bladedge
Guardian Grarl
Despair from the Dark
Armed Dragon Lv.5
Mystic Swordsman Lv.2
Kaiser Seahorse
Adhesive Explosive
Panther Warrior
Kinetic Soldier
Exodia the Forbidden One
Dark Elf
Fire Princess
Harpy Queen
Harpy Lady 1
Harpy Lady 2
Harpy Lady 3
Rare Metal Dragon(x3)
Familiar Knight(x3)
Hero Kid
Man-Eater Bug
Trap Master
Disciple of the Forbidden Spell
Mystic Tomato(x2)
Sand Gambler
Crimson Ninja
Spirit Caller
Sonic Jammer
Tenkabito Shien
Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower
Anti-Aircraft Flower
The Agent of Force - Mars
Familiar Possessed - Hiita
Spear Dragon(x2)
Aswan Apparition
Chain Thrasher
Etoile Cyber
Prickle Fairy
Magician of Faith(x3)
Parasitic Ticky(x2)
The Trojan Horse
UFO Turtle
Tuned Magician
Mad Sword Beast(x2)
Bombardment Beetle
Pyramid Turtle(x2)
The Unfriendly Amazon
Amazon Archer
Breaker the Magical Warrior
Witch of the Black Forest(x2)
Spirit Reaper
Sand Moth(x2)
Princess of Tsurugi(x3)
Dimension Jar
Red-Eyes B. Chick

Dark Magician
Red-Eyes B. Dragon
Luster Dragon #2(x3)
Summoned Skull(x2)
Gaia the Fierce Knight
Curse of Dragon
Dark Blade(x2)
Gemini Elf(x3)
Silver Fang
Beaver Warrior
Swordsman of Landstar
X-Saber Anu Piranha
Armored Lizard
Battle Ox
Warrior Dai Grepher(x2)
Warrior of Zera
Sea Serpent Warrior of Darkness
Mystic Horseman
La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp
Neo the Magic Swordsman
Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts
Rogue Doll
Ryu-Kishkin Powered
Great White
Elemental Hero Burstinatrix(x2)
Elemental Hero Avian
Elemental Hero Clayman(x2)
Elemental Hero Sparkman
Mystical Elf
Giant Soldier of Stone

Diffusion Wave-Motion
Special Hurricane
Spell Economics
Infinite Cards
Soul Exchange(x2)
Dark Hole
Lightning Vortex
Inferno Tempest(x2)
Tribute to the Doomed(x3)
Nobleman of Crossout(x2)
Black Pendant
Dragon Treasure
Axe of Despair
Gravity Axe - Grarl
Ring of Magnetism
Raregold Armor
Red Medicine
Rain of Mercy
Chaos Greed
Monster Reincarnation(x3)
Monster Reborn
Premature Burial(x2)
Heavy Storm(x2)
The Inexperienced Spy
Pot of Greed
Rush Recklessly
Ancient Gear Factory
Ancient Gear Drill
The Graveyard in the Fourth Dimension
Mystic Plasma Zone
Luminous Spark
Gaia Power
Snatch Steal(x2)
Change of Heart(x3)
Creature Swap(x2)
Weapon Change
Level Up!
Magnet Circle Lv.2
The Warrior Returning Alive
Book of Life
Dark Factory of Mass Production
Call of the Mummy
The Third Sarcophagus
Swords of Revealing Light
Stamping Destruction(x3)
Remove Trap
Reversal Quiz
Continuous Destruction Punch
Card Destruction
Rod of Silence - Kay'Est
Mystical Space Typhoon

Rope of Life
Acid Trap Hole
Magical Hats
Option Hunter
Lightforce Sword
Gravity Bind
Trap Hole(x2)
Just Desserts
Interdimensional Matter Transporter(x2)
Backup Soldier
Return From the Different Dimension
Forced Requisition
Raigeki Break
Numinous Healer(x2)
Gift of the Mystical Elf
Dragon's Rage(x2)
Jar of Greed(x3)
Ready for Intercepting(x2)
Success Probability 0%(x2)
Judgement of the Desert
Cemetary Bomb(x2)
Miracle Kids
Castle Walls
Generation Shift(x2)
D. Tribe(x2)
Dust Tornado(x3)
Reckless Greed
Sakuretsu Armor(x2)
Curse of Anubis
Order to Smash
Narrow Pass
Burst Breath
Pyramid of Light
Human-Wave Tactics
Ultimate Offering

Please keep it non-banned, and anything within these cards is a good suggestion (doesn't have to be a dragon deck after all).

Best answer:

Answer by Marcus
have you tried adding ancient rules? my friend runs a blue eyes deck and three of that card can be very annoying. also you should put more monsters in with higher defense so you can sacrifice them later, and a dragons mirror to get out blue eyes ultimate or five head dragon easier. and an Obelisk wouldnt hurt it if you need pure firepower thats harder to kill.

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Rate deck plese give feedback?

Issue by pacgost21: Charge deck plese give feedback?
The Wicked Eraser
Light and Darkness Dragon
Cyber Jar
Adhesive Explosive
Medusa Worm
Fox Fire
Ancient Gear Knight
Dawnbreak Gardna
absorbing Kid From the sky
Infinity Dim
Breaker The Magical Warrior-Golden Edition
white Magician
two Needle Worms
Google Golem
King Tiger Wanghu
Hiro's Shadow Scout
2 Fruits of Kozaky's Research
2 Trap Holes
Gemini Trap Hole
No Entry!!
Sinister Seeds
Majic Jammer
Phone of the earthbound
Bubble Crash
Strike Slash
Xing Zhen Hu
Graceful Dice
Monster Recovery
Swing of Recollections
Goblin Thief
Super Double Summon
Shien's Spy
Ballista of Rampart Samshing
The Forceful Sentry
Heart of Distinct Water
Mask of Brutality

What really should I keep or create or take away.
Compare mine to yours.

Best response:

Solution by Sean K
sorry man but this deck is horrible, its all over the area. Pick a concept and stick with it!

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

hidden nanny cams what store can i buy it at?

Issue by a.hilty: hidden nanny cams what store can i acquire it at?
i function eight hrs a day im a solitary mom of an three month aged child and i want to know wherever i can buy hidden nanny cameras at like not buy on-line like what keep would offer them at i looked on-line i just dont believe in several internet sites out there to use my credit card and i wont result in i did one time and a person got a maintain of my info and ran my credit score card up so i wont do that once again so can any person aid me with this plz you just can never rely on any individual with your babys these days i like to know that my infant is safe at all moments

Finest reply:

Response by mykneegrows

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Neice may be getting molested? Nanny camera.?

Query by ~Nebraska Girl~: Neice might be getting molested? Nanny digital camera.?
My sister believes that her boyfriend (tiny girls father) is molesting her. He molested his other kid, who he has with a distinct woman. The minor woman informed her mommy that she hurt down there when she changed her diaper and that daddy did it.

This guy is really mean and beats my sister all the time. What she desires to do is get a nanny digital camera and place it up in her property and enjoy him. She has nothing at all she can hook it up to no laptop or computer or television and if he discovered out about it he would destroy her. She is actually afraid of him.

So i need aid obtaining a nanny camera that will document, and no one particular will suspect a factor of it.?

any ideas?


Very best solution:

Reply by mz112ungu
Any good electronics store has good, modest digital cameras. There will be some know-how necessary in wiring it up so that it is invisible, but it appears as although it would be worth the effort.

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Is there an online guide or tutorial for smart home automation?

Query by RB: Is there an on the internet information or tutorial for wise house automation?
I just bought a new residence and I want to find out how to turn it into a wise property, whereby I can automate my lights and appliances. I also want to have some video surveillance and be ready to perform audio in several rooms about the residence. Where can I locate an online tutorial for something like this?

Finest solution:

Reply by HadiEsper
There is a web site referred to as

The website offers a video clip demonstration as properly as a step by stage guidebook with photographs and screenshots exhibiting you precisely what to do. They also recommend what merchandise to purchase adn what systems to use. check out it out :)

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Why does he refuse to get a nanny camera?

Problem by El. La: Why does he refuse to get a nanny camera?
Ever before because I employed this saty-in nanny to take care of my 8 months previous child, I've been trying to convince my husband of obtaining a nanny digital camera to make confident my newborn is in secure arms. I acquired some kind of cellular cam, but it is only placed in one particular room of the property, and in addition, the nanny is aware of abot it as it can not be hidden, so I are not able to know what I need to know, and the nanny spends most of the time with my infant in the other place, in which there is no camera. So I told my husband I want to get a new digital camera, with a wider vision, but 1 that can be concealed and not notify my nanny about it. I am frightened that this nanny may be neglecting the baby, or, she may possibly be allowing an individual in the home, it is not a secure neighborhood, and the nanny is not very smart to smell danger and poor individuals, I am afraid she may believe in a particular man and enable him in, who would flip out a kidnapper, kill her and kidnap my child. I know it can be an extreme thinking, but I need to know that my child is secure.
The difficulty is, even my mom and sister consider that I am getting obsessed with the idea, and they are taking my husband's aspect in this (they even talked about I need to see a therapist to get rid of these bad thoughts. But I advised my husband that the only way I will get rid of these thoughts is if I see with my eyes how she treats my newborn.

My husband's worry is that, as soon as I get a digital camera, the actual issues will begin if I start selecting on small foolish specifics that I see on the digital camera.
Am I truly crazy? am I overeacting?

Greatest response:

Answer by bckennels
No your not over reacting. If I was you I would get one more camera! Tell your husband to guy up and get 1!! xx

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Is there a car alarm that will take pictures of the intruder?

Question by SomeoneYou'reNot: Is there a car alarm that will take pictures of the intruder?
My Jeep has been broken into 4 freaking times this year! I was wondering if anyone makes a car alarm with a motion activated camera or maybe evan a DVR that will take pictures or video of the thief?
It is a Jeep Cherokee. This time they busted out all my windows out of frustration I think. Everything valuable in it is bolted down.

Best answer:

Answer by robert d
yes just cheak it out

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Q&A: Is it illegal to record surveillance on someone in their own home in California without their consent.?

Issue by RCP: Is it unlawful to document surveillance on someone in their personal home in California without their consent.?
A unstable husband had secretly planted a surveillance camera to blackmailing her wife (in order to preserve her from divorcing him), catching her speaking to yet another guy over the mobile phone (But no bodily evidence of the two at any time being together). Isn't it unlawful to document her on video without having her consent? Really should they divorce... could he use the video clips against her in court?

Finest answer:

Solution by Gifford
most likely :P lol

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Any info on hunting camera's?

Problem by gamer0235: Any data on hunting camera's?
I've been pondering about acquiring a few movement-activated cameras to set in a creek. I'm hoping to get images of coyotes, racoons, and perhaps a few deer. The only thing is I. Don't know anything about them. Can they be set off by tree's that sway in the wind? Can anyone give me a tips on a digital camera in preticular? Id also like to not shell out a lot of money if possible.

Very best answer:

Reply by Mr Dinosaur
we have some Reconyx Hyperfire's on some land in Pigeon Forge. i feel it was about $ 500/cam, and they work wonderful. trees don't usually set them off, at minimum it is nothing i have actually heard of.

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Any info on hunting camera's?

Question by gamer0235: Any info on hunting camera's?
I've been thinking about getting a couple motion-activated cameras to put in a creek. I'm hoping to get pictures of coyotes, racoons, and maybe a couple deer. The only thing is I. Don't know anything about them. Can they be set off by tree's that sway in the wind? Can anyone give me a suggestions on a camera in preticular? Id also like to not spend a fortune if possible.

Best answer:

Answer by Mr Dinosaur
we have some Reconyx Hyperfire's on some land in Pigeon Forge. i think it was about $ 500/cam, and they work great. trees don't usually set them off, at least it is nothing i have ever heard of.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

If you use security surveillance cameras at your home, do you have to post a sign that lets people know?

Question by angelacvn: If you use protection surveillance cameras at your property, do you have to submit a signal that lets men and women know?
I reside in Hamilton, ON. There are no symptoms posted and I cannot look to uncover any data online concerning this. The camera seems to be as if it is pointing straight at my house...into my three yr old daughters area! Now I could be mistaken, but I do know the 2nd camera appears to be pointed at their vehicle which is parked on the street. I have asked and they do say certainly they have cameras. Ought to it be posted? How a lot of the road or other folks property can be on the video clip? Or do they have to end at their home line?

Greatest reply:

Response by CircuitBoy
That is actually creepy. I do not consider you are necessary to submit symptoms but I also know that you can not break the legislation possibly. Filming your youngster seems creepy and I would it's possible take into account asking them if they can level it in a different course or why they have it dealing with that way. If they don't want to be acceptable, then call the police. Do you know significantly about your neighbors? I would not believe in them.

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Q&A: What is the best home security system?

Problem by John-courtney York: What is the best house protection technique?
Ok i used to seem up prime safety programs but held obtaining video clip surveillance i just want a wireless property safety system with excellent extended assortment capacity of a lot more than twenty ft

Greatest response:

Response by G
You can study unbiased reviews at

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Q&A: in TV shows that involves children such as Super Nanny, how do they make children to ignore the camera?

Question by metaligy: in Tv exhibits that includes young children such as Tremendous Nanny, how do they make youngsters to dismiss the camera?
how do they make the kids act so spontaneously? generally youngsters will be looking at the cameras don't they?

Greatest answer:

Answer by gartom
Children as opposed to adults are not self conscious when it arrives to cameras and many others, as opposed to most of the grownup "wannabes" they are unconcerned with how they seem to the *exterior* globe and could not give a monkeys about how they are becoming perceived. :-)

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Q&A: can directv hd dvr be use with Security Camera?

Issue by joe: can directv high definition dvr be use with Safety Digital camera?

Finest answer:

Reply by Stephen M

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Camera Question! Can someone tell me where to get this product?

Problem by couple4anothergirl: Digital camera Issue! Can a person tell me in which to get this item?
Im looking for a
evening vision
motion activated
Security Camera, with sound and a excellent photo!

Im not seeking to shell out a lot more than $ one,000 and i want something with up to 4 screens or a lot more, has to have all the highlighted listings for things im seeking for and be in a excellent high quality / price range assortment.

Hyperlinks are welcome, also a link to a excellent digital digital camera with nice portability and shudder time with very good picture top quality, and a camcorder of the identical high quality and first rate spending budget would be welcome.
The camera cannot be activated by sound but by movement only.

Best solution:

Response by redneck

that was effortless

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

What is the best wireless hidden camera (like a nanny cam)?

Issue by Jackie: What is the finest wireless hidden digital camera (like a nanny cam)?

Finest solution:

Solution by SHO
Hi there!

Well, if you would like a digital camera that is previously concealed in a home item, these kinds of as a clock or other things click on on these hyperlinks: camera-Pen-Holder_W0QQitemZ140097557360QQcategoryZ66738QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

Now, if you want to get really sneaky, and cover it some in which that is really inconspicuous to the babysitter, click on the link down below.

This link is also great for watching your baby at night time sleeping in his/her crib so you can preserve a close eye out for him/her.

Here is this the website link for the above description:

Hope this allows you out! :)-----These are mini wireless color cameras with a extremely obvious image, and can operate on a DC jack, or very last four-7 hours on a nine volt battery.

P.S. the 2nd link has extremely obvious wireless night vision cameras. These are quite very good as I mentioned, if you are likely to observe your baby at night.

Good Luck!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What type of equipment did photographers use back before digital to do motion activated nature photography?

Issue by justbill: What kind of devices did photographers use back prior to digital to do movement activated nature photography?
was there any devices back again prior to digital that permitted the photographer to set up a camera in the wild and it would take photos when it detected movement. Any backlinks to old tools would be a lot appreciated.

Very best reply:

Answer by θηλή φωτογράφος
when you say before digital your asking what did movie photographers use to detect motion?

they employed.........motion sensors

just like safety alarms use movement detectors

they have been all around extended prior to digital cameras

there are mechanical ones and electronic ones and laser ones and all sorts now, the early ones where mechanical

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What type of in-home spy camera sends an alert to your cell phone when activated?

Query by cantbe_yoursuperman: What kind of in-home spy digital camera sends an alert to your cell cellphone when activated?
I study about a females who had a single in your home that was movement activated and sent her an notify when someone broke in her house and she received on a pals laptop or computer to see him in the act and contact police.

Greatest solution:

Solution by A Killer Robot
Thats not really logical. Most house alarm techniques notify the police instantly when there is a break-in, not the property proprietor.

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Home Security DVR problems?

Query by Some One: House Security DVR difficulties?
Following my new house was burglarized a week before I obtained married, I bought a 4ch DVR with tough push program from eBay. It was installed about eight months in the past. Now the DVR unit will not reply to the remote no matter how a lot of diverse batteries I set in it. It also does not react to the buttons I push on the entrance of it. Its conduct is erratic. When I was messing with it this early morning, I only obtained it to reply to two buttons to alter the digital camera views--to Digital camera one and Quad, but the reaction time was delayed. I are not able to make it perform back. The unit does not have a brand identify and the manual has been inadequately translated from some Asian language and is at most moments indecipherable.

So what do I do about the DVR system? Is there a way to make it perform back again with the laptop or computer? Is there a way to correct it?

If I require to acquire a new DVR unit, what do I want to know? I know the cameras have a typical CCTV video connector and I will want a 500 gb harddrive...but do these things come jointly? Can I use any other security digital camera DVR program? This time I want to buy a single that has a brand title, so can I nonetheless use the cameras I have?

Greatest answer:

Solution by takeemmac
I set up about two DRVS a week and you get what you pay out for and then occasionally you shell out to much for junk. go with Honeywell ahdr, hrhd DRVS you can discover them on ebay. I use 80gb hds models in most of my buyers and they work wonderful. I have a number of ahdr sixteen camera units that have been in service more than ten years. they are very easy to use, and basic to set up. If you would like to remote watch the dvr you need to have the computer software but it is on the internet as properly. if you are working windows 7 or vista you will require ras as well as software if you are working xp then you can use ras software program i like this software program far better it is easier to operate. if your cameras have bnc's on them then you ought to be in a position to use them. I actually will not consider you need to have 500gb. 80gb will give you about thirty days of storage then the dvr will rewrite above the oldest video initial.

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Q&A: My baby stays home with a nanny, I would like to have a camera installed.What is the best option?

Problem by kika v: My child stays house with a nanny, I would like to have a digital camera set up.What is the very best alternative?

Best reply:

Solution by Alyssa's mommy
Are you trying to examine to see if shes enjoying with your newborn or do you wanna see if shes abusing your infant?

I'd put 1 in the baby's bedroom centered on the crib and one particular in the residing area centered on the couch.

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Meet The Parents - Home Surveillance Legality Issue?

Query by Craig T: Meet The Mothers and fathers - Home Surveillance Legality Problem?
Anyone who has observed Meet The Parents the scene with the movement activated hidden camera's to i.e surveillance babysitter routines, would this be legal.?

As it is your personal house there need to not be a problem with it? but your are nonetheless video taping individuals without having there knowledge...

Finest solution:

Reply by Mildred S
indeed it is legal. it's completed all the time in the office. the rule is he who pays for the telephone and pc can monitor it. i'd feel the same thing would use if not a lot more so , inside of ones individual property residence.

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Can you recommend an inexpensive home security camera that activates when motion is detected?

Question by Melanie: Can you recommend an inexpensive property protection camera that activates when motion is detected?
We have had some issues just lately with an individual messing with our autos even though we are absent. We want to obtain an affordable house safety digital camera, one thing we can set up outside. But it would have to be movement activated, and quite possibly be capable to watch in the dim. I don't know anything about safety cameras, and in the process of trying to read up on them, I've just grow to be much more puzzled. We never have a good deal of cash, so any cheap ideas would be helpful. They would have to be wireless as well. I never know how or what we would use to record the I said...I don't know something about safety cameras...any support or tips would be extremely a lot appreciated. Many thanks

Best response:

Reply by silvaconsultants
What you are asking for could truly call for many distinct components. I have never ever witnessed any kind of "kit" offered off the shelve that will give you what you are asking for, but there could be a single obtainable.

Very first, you will need to have a digital camera. If it is to be utilised exterior, it wants to be climate-resistant. Cameras require light to operate, so if the area you want to watch is not well-lit, then you will need to have a camera that has reduced-light capacity and/or built-in infrared illuminators.

2nd, you will require something to record the pictures coming from the camera. This can either be a stand-on your own digital video clip recorder (DVR), or can be accomplished on your Personal computer using a video clip seize card and some video recording software program.

Many DVR's and some video clip recording software has constructed-in movement detection ability. If the camera sees motion, then the technique will begin recording. You could also use an exterior movement detector to activate the recording. This would need the use of an outdoor motion detector in addition to the camera.

The most inexpensive and most reliable way to connect these elements would be with difficult-wired cables. If you genuinely ought to use wireless, then you will also want to purchase a wireless video clip transmitter and receiver. Maintain in head that you will nonetheless want to get power to the digital camera anyway, so if you can cable the total factor, this would be your greatest bet.

This complete point would not be affordable I am guessing that you could shell out $ 500 to $ 1,000 to get almost everything you need to have. There are tons of companies that market protection digital camera gear on the internet. Two of the larger firms are:

You could want to make contact with these companies, tell them what you want to do, and see what kinds of answers that they offer.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Q&A: I want to set up a camera to make sure that my babysitter is not doing anything inappropriate, what is a good?

Question by kmm4864990: I want to set up a camera to make sure that my babysitter is not doing anything inappropriate, what is a good?
. . . camera to use to monitor him. More specifically, I only want to know if he is going tinto my bedroom while I am gone. So i was wondering if anyone knows of a motion activated security camera that only switches on if motion is detected. I would prefer that it be affordable. I have noticed some of my panties have been displaced. thanks a lot.

Best answer:

Answer by loganwldr
try these websites|401154256

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Looking for a front door camera?

Question by Harry Raser: Looking for a front door camera?
Having some problems with my mail. Want to make sure its not being taken and that the mail person is actually delivering it.

I'm looking for a motion activated camera that I can mount on my front door that takes a picture of whoever steps in front of it.

I'd prefer not to hard wire it. I'd just like some kind of mounted unit that takes pictures to an SD card.

Does anyone have any suggestions.

Best answer:

Answer by Sanoosi
Check eBay

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Does a security camera that uploads to a web server or ftp without a computer exist?

Question by Striker: Does a security camera that uploads to a web server or ftp without a computer exist?
I want to have an always-on motion activated security camera that supports wifi or even wired ethernet that can upload to a web server or ftp. I don't want to leave my computer on all the time.

Best answer:

Answer by yardstickwhack
Yes. They are called IP or Network cameras.

Here are a few. I actually work for this company. Funny I ran across your post while answering miscellaneous questions. If you ordered from us, your camera would likely pass through my hands.

Another guy mentioned Netbotz. They are proprietary. If you want temperature readings from them, you need to buy their whole system. If you're going to do that, they are not the best. Pelco dominates the high end of this market, but they cost a fortune. If you want what you asked for which is just a camera by itself with a lot of uploading options and motion detection, I suggest a network camera by Toshiba, Canon, Axis, or Vivotek. If you want insane resolution as well, look at IQ Eye (but costly).

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

eckerd security cameras?

Question by Viper619: eckerd security cameras?
wel stock is coming up and not sure what that is...but we supposedly have fake cameras and i was pondering if i took a thing how typically do they examine cameras...a keep like eckerd. and what occurs on stock.

Best reply:

Response by mferrell850
1st you have to locate the control room or where the retain the recorder. Then go in there to see which camera is on......... A tiny identified fact. Wal-Mart also has fake digital camera but only the head of decline prevention understands which ones perform.

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Monday, August 8, 2011

I would like to know how to activate the eye motion camera on windows vista.?

Question by arquiadiaz: I would like to know how to activate the eye motion camera on windows vista.?
I want to see the people I am chatting with. Please, show me how to do this step by step. Thank you in advance for your priceles help.

Best answer:

Answer by the fox
check the manual.

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Home surveillance system question?

Question by K I N G: Residence surveillance system question?
I have set up surveillance cameras close to my home, and it even record audio. I was asking yourself is it illegal to report folks, and not tell them even if they on my home? I usually heard how you cannot video tape everyone without having their permission, but this is distinct as it's a surveillance program?

Best response:

Solution by bcnu
Numerous states have legal guidelines that limit the recording of folks without their consent, but mainly their voices (underneath aged "wire-tapping" consent legal guidelines). But even in this sort of a state, this kind of as Massachusetts, there could be judicial decisions that present for widespread sense (believe it or not). In particular, a organization (it has been held) has an virtually unrestricted right to use cameras to check its personal premises, other than regions wherever staff have a bona fide "expectation of privacy", this sort of as rest room stalls and transforming rooms. Therefore, a single can assume to locate possibly statutory exemptions or judicial scenario regulation that enable video clip monitoring of your personal personal property. However, you may even now need to publish indicators (and illuminate at night time) indicating that audio recording is in progress, in buy to invoke "implied consent" of anyone whose voice is hear on your recordings.

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Do you think some video replay official surveillance should be introduced?

Query by TheKitten: Do you think some video clip replay official surveillance really should be introduced?
I do not mean for standard perform, I mean for gross misconduct on the terrain.

You nevertheless wouldn't interrupt the match and the score would stand.

A player who was located on video clip to have completed something wilfully mistaken could be penalized in some way. Up to and which includes suspensions. Monetary penalties can also push the message property.
Properly, as the Zidane case displays, they do have people types of powers, but should they use them a lot more frequently?

Greatest reply:

Response by Gardel is in my Basement
Watching soccer will grow to be a soreness in the ass due to the fact it will take also significantly time to get an official response and it will be a time killer. Soccer has been played like this since the start of time and the refs are following to the players for a vast majority of time. I believe it would be greater to just leave issues to how they actually are.

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Friday, August 5, 2011

How close does an animal have to get to a trail camera to activate the motion detector?

Query by Tim: How close does an animal have to get to a path camera to activate the motion detector?
I am considering acquiring a path camera for trying to pattern deer on my property. With most models of path digital camera, what is the common maximum distance an animal would have to be to activate the camera to get the photograph?

Finest answer:

Answer by Mav
Most of them are variety adjustable. I would Google them and you can get specs on a broad variety of the designs offered!

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

how many of you nanny employers out there.....?

Question by nicky: how numerous of you nanny employers out there.....?
use nanny cameras?

Very best response:

Reply by M&Ms Mommy
iwas just viewing this point on t.v wherever the lady put one in her living room to enjoy the nanny just take treatment of her twins, and i was mortified!
iw ould reccomend absolutely everyone get one particular and verify in you just can't have confidence in men and women!!

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Seeking opinion on nanny camera?

Problem by NewMommie: Looking for view on nanny camera?
My nanny is amazing-atleast looks so appropriate now-we gave had her for a month so far. But I cannot support but wonder if she is as nice when my husband and I are not about. I experience a tiny embarrased asking this:

one. How does one rely on one more person completely to just take care of ones infant?
2. Any one experienced in making use of nanny cams? Can you advocate what kind I can obtain and wherever from?

Many thanks significantly!
Thanks for people who have responded so far - I am situated in NY state

Very best reply:

Answer by zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
I never feel you should be embarrassed for becoming careful. i don't know exactly where you are in the planet so I cannot recommend a location. if you can put one in your residence then do it. Usually shield your youngster.

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