Monday, September 5, 2011

Washington state audio/video surveillance monitoring signs and the law.?

Question by Mr Green Lungz: Washington state audio/video clip surveillance monitoring signs and the regulation.?
Washington state laws apply...

If I have external recorded surveillance cameras monitoring my home. All corners are covered and as a casualty of war, my neighbors houses are in the shot a little but are not the principal focal level. I also file audio for my front porch in scenario somebody breaks in and I have to use deadly force, it will be on audio me declaring quit or I will shoot. If I place a steel 12ga slug in somebody, I want to have my ass coated in a legal battle. Am I legally obligated to notify any neighbors who's house can be noticed on digicam even if it is obvious the camera is for my home and am I required by regulation to submit warning symptoms that you are currently being monitored? If so, how guy, how far apart, how massive... and many others? Remember to do not submit viewpoint, I want truth backed up by hyperlinks to legal guidelines (nearby or federal). I actually tried to search for an solution myself, but located nothing but viewpoint.

Best remedy:

Reply by jwthoughts
No, no and no.

You could stand in the middle of the road and film your neighbor's home and the only issue that you would have to get worried about is obtaining hit by a vehicle.

You ONLY have the correct to privacy exactly where there is a fair expectation of privacy. In other words Within your residence with the curtains drawn, or in a public restroom or dressing room, and so on.

And if anyone doubts this and presents me a thumbs down, you may well want to look it up. This has been examined and held up many instances...for example, each and every time anybody sues paparazzi....BTW, they eliminate.

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

How do I record my home surveillance onto my computer with my wireless router?

Issue by Jesse: How do I record my house surveillance onto my personal computer with my wireless router?
Hi, I am looking to create one or 2 night vision cameras exterior for my driveway. I have ran into an concern lately to in which I dont believe my house and cars are protected.

I have Verizon FIOS Net, twenty five down and 25 up. It came with a Wireless Router. I want to run a single - two wireless IR cameras and have it synced to my wireless router to report to my pcs difficult drive. I have a lot of challenging drives so I will be capable to dedicate a hard push just for wireless surveillance. I dont need to have to keep track of the exercise, even though I know I can and need to have a program to do all of this, from a web site deal with from anyplace with world wide web connection.

I can build a very fundamental laptop or computer with a challenging push, but I want to know the components I want to purchase to wherever I dont have to operate video cords all the way to my bedroom for to a DVR PCI card.

I think I require the adhering to:
WiFi Cameras
Computer with a decent sized hard generate. I think a 160 gb is ample as I only require to report up to 48-72 several hours worth of time.
Computer software

I just want to utilize my wireless network router so I can eradicate the wires, in addition, hey, its a wireless router. What a much better time to use a wireless router than for my surveillance?

Thank you!

Best reply:

Solution by David
Go to or give them a phone, they served me with my system

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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Video Surveillance w/ Remote Online Video Stream?

Question by Kyrie Eleison: Video clip Surveillance w/ Remote On-line Video clip Stream?
Hey guys, I'm looking for a video clip surveillance technique that would permit me to stream reside video more than the internet remotely on a personal computer. I have noticed logitech getting some offerings and some by ADT that would let me to monitor my home with a cell mobile phone software along with a subscription which I do not want. Logitech also has a free support but I do not feel it would suit my requirements. I do not treatment for smartphone apps and streaming and would extremely considerably favor a single that would permit me to look at my home from any personal computer.

Thanks guys.

Finest reply:

Reply by Jonathan Alexander
Use ActiveWebcam computer software. If you have previous camcorders you want to turn into a webcam/security digital camera then use DVDriver or WebcamDV.

But actually if you have only one particular digital camera then just use skype. You can view it anywhere you can use skype (even on your cellphone for free of charge).

Your property camera will constantly be on and you can get a movement detector webcam and you happen to be set.

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Friday, September 2, 2011

I was thinking of getting one of these spy cameras for myself ...?

Problem by cod-ah: I was considering of getting a single of these spy cameras for myself ...?
Comply with hyperlink ... camera , the issue is tho is that i want to cameras so if i purchased to sets of cameras would i be ready to set them up to the exact same reciever ? if any individual else has any gd spy cameras remember to inform me, thank you

Greatest solution:

Reply by DSV
you will require a different receiver , one that is multichannel , you get them off ebay for extremely little amounts of cash , this will type it out just great , even with multi channels this type will even now let you only to view what is happening on the one particular selected digital camera you have running

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Found some original Nintendo video games...?

Problem by Mistress Pickles: Discovered some authentic Nintendo video games...?
And I was pondering if they are well worth the buy. This is the checklist I was provided:

The Punisher Xenophobe, Star Voyager, Taboo (the sixth feeling), Bigfoot, Vindicaters, Vise (task doom), Rolling Thunder, Desert Command, T9Er Noid (the battling device, two copies),
Spy vs Spy, The Mafat Conspiacy, Iron Tank, Snakes Revenge (2copies), Robocop3, Raid on Bungeling Bay, The Simpson's (Bart vs The World), The Carate Child, Alien Syndrom, Mule,
Festers Quest, Captain Skyhawk, Platoon, XEXYZ, MacMax, Bomberman, Metal Gear, Hudson Hawk, Vidicators, Tag Teem Match (Muscle).
I would be paying $ fifty.00 for the great deal and I imagine it incorporates a program. I would be amassing but I would also like game titles that would actually be fun to perform.

Best answer:

Response by Zetsu14
That really is dependent on who you're asking, an outdated college fan may always say yes, while someone who continuously moves through the gaming neighborhood without having picking favorites in a video game might just overlook about them.

I'd say sure, it can be totally really worth it, just do not spend about seventy five$ .
There not even really worth that much now, but if you might be gathering, go crazy.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Q&A: do you guys know where i can find a waterproof wall clock nanny camera?

Query by |||RocK3r|||: do you men know in which i can discover a waterproof wall clock nanny digital camera?
i live with roomates and for some cause my toothbrush is constantly wet..i confront them about it and none confess to employing it..or worse. i not too long ago obtained a wall clock camera but it was quite cheap which had and Okay picture. a single a person showered (no im not peeking at the guys showering) the steam i guess received in the cables and now there is no signal to the receiver, i experimented with testing in my place and nothing, it seems to be dead. any h2o proof or bathroom secure wall clock cameras you know about and in which i can obtain them? a standard black and white or coloured 1 is Okay. nothing also extreme. thank you !

Best response:

Reply by anthony h
Why don't you just retain your toothbrush in a plastic bag absent your roommates (like preserve it in your space in a drawer)? In the meantime, just leave a dummy toothbrush in the bathroom. If you're sensation like testing them, you can put some scorching pepper stuff on it. Would seem like that would be a great deal less costly than a camera clock.

Otherwise, what you happen to be undertaking is fundamentally illegal--taping men and women in a private region without their consent--and you might be critically putting by yourself at risk of jail more than a freakin' toothbrush.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I need to help my husband run a business, but I have no office management experience, what should I do?

Query by Josephine: I want to aid my husband run a organization, but I have no office environment administration experience, what really should I do?
My husband desires me to display more curiosity in his organization of home theater, video surveillance, personal computer networking organization, he needs a actual office manager, but I am not as educated as I need to have for this, What need to I do?

Greatest response:

Answer by sleaze
assist him. do what is greatest 4 the two of u

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How Can I Improve My Deck? (Yu-Gi-Oh)?

Question by Chris: How Can I Improve My Deck? (Yu-Gi-Oh)?
How can I improve this dragon deck?

Blue-Eyes White Dragon(x3)
Luster Dragon(x3)
Dragon Dwelling in the Cave
Koumori Dragon

Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon
Armed Dragon Lv.5
Armed Dragon Lv.3
Masked Dragon(x3)
Element Dragon
Mirage Dragon
Lord of D.
Spirit Ryu
Twin Headed Behemoth

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

Flute of Summoning Dragon(x2)
Swords of Revealing Light
Symbol of Heritage
Dian Keto the Cure Master
Dark Factory of Mass Production
Brain Control
Magical Mallet
Fusion Sage

Torrential Tribute
Magic Jammer
Trap Jammer
Spellbinding Circle
Riryoku Field
Call of the Haunted
The Dragon's Bead
Magic Cylinder

The cards below are extras I have that I can put in this deck, and note that I would like to keep it between 40-45 cards. (I think I can get a Future Fusion, but I currently do not have one)

Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon
Theinin the Great Sphinx
Andro Sphinx
Sphinx Telia
Sanga of the Thunder
Elemental Hero Bladedge
Guardian Grarl
Despair from the Dark
Armed Dragon Lv.5
Mystic Swordsman Lv.2
Kaiser Seahorse
Adhesive Explosive
Panther Warrior
Kinetic Soldier
Exodia the Forbidden One
Dark Elf
Fire Princess
Harpy Queen
Harpy Lady 1
Harpy Lady 2
Harpy Lady 3
Rare Metal Dragon(x3)
Familiar Knight(x3)
Hero Kid
Man-Eater Bug
Trap Master
Disciple of the Forbidden Spell
Mystic Tomato(x2)
Sand Gambler
Crimson Ninja
Spirit Caller
Sonic Jammer
Tenkabito Shien
Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower
Anti-Aircraft Flower
The Agent of Force - Mars
Familiar Possessed - Hiita
Spear Dragon(x2)
Aswan Apparition
Chain Thrasher
Etoile Cyber
Prickle Fairy
Magician of Faith(x3)
Parasitic Ticky(x2)
The Trojan Horse
UFO Turtle
Tuned Magician
Mad Sword Beast(x2)
Bombardment Beetle
Pyramid Turtle(x2)
The Unfriendly Amazon
Amazon Archer
Breaker the Magical Warrior
Witch of the Black Forest(x2)
Spirit Reaper
Sand Moth(x2)
Princess of Tsurugi(x3)
Dimension Jar
Red-Eyes B. Chick

Dark Magician
Red-Eyes B. Dragon
Luster Dragon #2(x3)
Summoned Skull(x2)
Gaia the Fierce Knight
Curse of Dragon
Dark Blade(x2)
Gemini Elf(x3)
Silver Fang
Beaver Warrior
Swordsman of Landstar
X-Saber Anu Piranha
Armored Lizard
Battle Ox
Warrior Dai Grepher(x2)
Warrior of Zera
Sea Serpent Warrior of Darkness
Mystic Horseman
La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp
Neo the Magic Swordsman
Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts
Rogue Doll
Ryu-Kishkin Powered
Great White
Elemental Hero Burstinatrix(x2)
Elemental Hero Avian
Elemental Hero Clayman(x2)
Elemental Hero Sparkman
Mystical Elf
Giant Soldier of Stone

Diffusion Wave-Motion
Special Hurricane
Spell Economics
Infinite Cards
Soul Exchange(x2)
Dark Hole
Lightning Vortex
Inferno Tempest(x2)
Tribute to the Doomed(x3)
Nobleman of Crossout(x2)
Black Pendant
Dragon Treasure
Axe of Despair
Gravity Axe - Grarl
Ring of Magnetism
Raregold Armor
Red Medicine
Rain of Mercy
Chaos Greed
Monster Reincarnation(x3)
Monster Reborn
Premature Burial(x2)
Heavy Storm(x2)
The Inexperienced Spy
Pot of Greed
Rush Recklessly
Ancient Gear Factory
Ancient Gear Drill
The Graveyard in the Fourth Dimension
Mystic Plasma Zone
Luminous Spark
Gaia Power
Snatch Steal(x2)
Change of Heart(x3)
Creature Swap(x2)
Weapon Change
Level Up!
Magnet Circle Lv.2
The Warrior Returning Alive
Book of Life
Dark Factory of Mass Production
Call of the Mummy
The Third Sarcophagus
Swords of Revealing Light
Stamping Destruction(x3)
Remove Trap
Reversal Quiz
Continuous Destruction Punch
Card Destruction
Rod of Silence - Kay'Est
Mystical Space Typhoon

Rope of Life
Acid Trap Hole
Magical Hats
Option Hunter
Lightforce Sword
Gravity Bind
Trap Hole(x2)
Just Desserts
Interdimensional Matter Transporter(x2)
Backup Soldier
Return From the Different Dimension
Forced Requisition
Raigeki Break
Numinous Healer(x2)
Gift of the Mystical Elf
Dragon's Rage(x2)
Jar of Greed(x3)
Ready for Intercepting(x2)
Success Probability 0%(x2)
Judgement of the Desert
Cemetary Bomb(x2)
Miracle Kids
Castle Walls
Generation Shift(x2)
D. Tribe(x2)
Dust Tornado(x3)
Reckless Greed
Sakuretsu Armor(x2)
Curse of Anubis
Order to Smash
Narrow Pass
Burst Breath
Pyramid of Light
Human-Wave Tactics
Ultimate Offering

Please keep it non-banned, and anything within these cards is a good suggestion (doesn't have to be a dragon deck after all).

Best answer:

Answer by Marcus
have you tried adding ancient rules? my friend runs a blue eyes deck and three of that card can be very annoying. also you should put more monsters in with higher defense so you can sacrifice them later, and a dragons mirror to get out blue eyes ultimate or five head dragon easier. and an Obelisk wouldnt hurt it if you need pure firepower thats harder to kill.

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Rate deck plese give feedback?

Issue by pacgost21: Charge deck plese give feedback?
The Wicked Eraser
Light and Darkness Dragon
Cyber Jar
Adhesive Explosive
Medusa Worm
Fox Fire
Ancient Gear Knight
Dawnbreak Gardna
absorbing Kid From the sky
Infinity Dim
Breaker The Magical Warrior-Golden Edition
white Magician
two Needle Worms
Google Golem
King Tiger Wanghu
Hiro's Shadow Scout
2 Fruits of Kozaky's Research
2 Trap Holes
Gemini Trap Hole
No Entry!!
Sinister Seeds
Majic Jammer
Phone of the earthbound
Bubble Crash
Strike Slash
Xing Zhen Hu
Graceful Dice
Monster Recovery
Swing of Recollections
Goblin Thief
Super Double Summon
Shien's Spy
Ballista of Rampart Samshing
The Forceful Sentry
Heart of Distinct Water
Mask of Brutality

What really should I keep or create or take away.
Compare mine to yours.

Best response:

Solution by Sean K
sorry man but this deck is horrible, its all over the area. Pick a concept and stick with it!

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

hidden nanny cams what store can i buy it at?

Issue by a.hilty: hidden nanny cams what store can i acquire it at?
i function eight hrs a day im a solitary mom of an three month aged child and i want to know wherever i can buy hidden nanny cameras at like not buy on-line like what keep would offer them at i looked on-line i just dont believe in several internet sites out there to use my credit card and i wont result in i did one time and a person got a maintain of my info and ran my credit score card up so i wont do that once again so can any person aid me with this plz you just can never rely on any individual with your babys these days i like to know that my infant is safe at all moments

Finest reply:

Response by mykneegrows

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Neice may be getting molested? Nanny camera.?

Query by ~Nebraska Girl~: Neice might be getting molested? Nanny digital camera.?
My sister believes that her boyfriend (tiny girls father) is molesting her. He molested his other kid, who he has with a distinct woman. The minor woman informed her mommy that she hurt down there when she changed her diaper and that daddy did it.

This guy is really mean and beats my sister all the time. What she desires to do is get a nanny digital camera and place it up in her property and enjoy him. She has nothing at all she can hook it up to no laptop or computer or television and if he discovered out about it he would destroy her. She is actually afraid of him.

So i need aid obtaining a nanny camera that will document, and no one particular will suspect a factor of it.?

any ideas?


Very best solution:

Reply by mz112ungu
Any good electronics store has good, modest digital cameras. There will be some know-how necessary in wiring it up so that it is invisible, but it appears as although it would be worth the effort.

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Is there an online guide or tutorial for smart home automation?

Query by RB: Is there an on the internet information or tutorial for wise house automation?
I just bought a new residence and I want to find out how to turn it into a wise property, whereby I can automate my lights and appliances. I also want to have some video surveillance and be ready to perform audio in several rooms about the residence. Where can I locate an online tutorial for something like this?

Finest solution:

Reply by HadiEsper
There is a web site referred to as

The website offers a video clip demonstration as properly as a step by stage guidebook with photographs and screenshots exhibiting you precisely what to do. They also recommend what merchandise to purchase adn what systems to use. check out it out :)

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Why does he refuse to get a nanny camera?

Problem by El. La: Why does he refuse to get a nanny camera?
Ever before because I employed this saty-in nanny to take care of my 8 months previous child, I've been trying to convince my husband of obtaining a nanny digital camera to make confident my newborn is in secure arms. I acquired some kind of cellular cam, but it is only placed in one particular room of the property, and in addition, the nanny is aware of abot it as it can not be hidden, so I are not able to know what I need to know, and the nanny spends most of the time with my infant in the other place, in which there is no camera. So I told my husband I want to get a new digital camera, with a wider vision, but 1 that can be concealed and not notify my nanny about it. I am frightened that this nanny may be neglecting the baby, or, she may possibly be allowing an individual in the home, it is not a secure neighborhood, and the nanny is not very smart to smell danger and poor individuals, I am afraid she may believe in a particular man and enable him in, who would flip out a kidnapper, kill her and kidnap my child. I know it can be an extreme thinking, but I need to know that my child is secure.
The difficulty is, even my mom and sister consider that I am getting obsessed with the idea, and they are taking my husband's aspect in this (they even talked about I need to see a therapist to get rid of these bad thoughts. But I advised my husband that the only way I will get rid of these thoughts is if I see with my eyes how she treats my newborn.

My husband's worry is that, as soon as I get a digital camera, the actual issues will begin if I start selecting on small foolish specifics that I see on the digital camera.
Am I truly crazy? am I overeacting?

Greatest response:

Answer by bckennels
No your not over reacting. If I was you I would get one more camera! Tell your husband to guy up and get 1!! xx

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Is there a car alarm that will take pictures of the intruder?

Question by SomeoneYou'reNot: Is there a car alarm that will take pictures of the intruder?
My Jeep has been broken into 4 freaking times this year! I was wondering if anyone makes a car alarm with a motion activated camera or maybe evan a DVR that will take pictures or video of the thief?
It is a Jeep Cherokee. This time they busted out all my windows out of frustration I think. Everything valuable in it is bolted down.

Best answer:

Answer by robert d
yes just cheak it out

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Q&A: Is it illegal to record surveillance on someone in their own home in California without their consent.?

Issue by RCP: Is it unlawful to document surveillance on someone in their personal home in California without their consent.?
A unstable husband had secretly planted a surveillance camera to blackmailing her wife (in order to preserve her from divorcing him), catching her speaking to yet another guy over the mobile phone (But no bodily evidence of the two at any time being together). Isn't it unlawful to document her on video without having her consent? Really should they divorce... could he use the video clips against her in court?

Finest answer:

Solution by Gifford
most likely :P lol

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Any info on hunting camera's?

Problem by gamer0235: Any data on hunting camera's?
I've been pondering about acquiring a few movement-activated cameras to set in a creek. I'm hoping to get images of coyotes, racoons, and perhaps a few deer. The only thing is I. Don't know anything about them. Can they be set off by tree's that sway in the wind? Can anyone give me a tips on a digital camera in preticular? Id also like to not shell out a lot of money if possible.

Very best answer:

Reply by Mr Dinosaur
we have some Reconyx Hyperfire's on some land in Pigeon Forge. i feel it was about $ 500/cam, and they work wonderful. trees don't usually set them off, at minimum it is nothing i have actually heard of.

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Any info on hunting camera's?

Question by gamer0235: Any info on hunting camera's?
I've been thinking about getting a couple motion-activated cameras to put in a creek. I'm hoping to get pictures of coyotes, racoons, and maybe a couple deer. The only thing is I. Don't know anything about them. Can they be set off by tree's that sway in the wind? Can anyone give me a suggestions on a camera in preticular? Id also like to not spend a fortune if possible.

Best answer:

Answer by Mr Dinosaur
we have some Reconyx Hyperfire's on some land in Pigeon Forge. i think it was about $ 500/cam, and they work great. trees don't usually set them off, at least it is nothing i have ever heard of.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

If you use security surveillance cameras at your home, do you have to post a sign that lets people know?

Question by angelacvn: If you use protection surveillance cameras at your property, do you have to submit a signal that lets men and women know?
I reside in Hamilton, ON. There are no symptoms posted and I cannot look to uncover any data online concerning this. The camera seems to be as if it is pointing straight at my house...into my three yr old daughters area! Now I could be mistaken, but I do know the 2nd camera appears to be pointed at their vehicle which is parked on the street. I have asked and they do say certainly they have cameras. Ought to it be posted? How a lot of the road or other folks property can be on the video clip? Or do they have to end at their home line?

Greatest reply:

Response by CircuitBoy
That is actually creepy. I do not consider you are necessary to submit symptoms but I also know that you can not break the legislation possibly. Filming your youngster seems creepy and I would it's possible take into account asking them if they can level it in a different course or why they have it dealing with that way. If they don't want to be acceptable, then call the police. Do you know significantly about your neighbors? I would not believe in them.

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Q&A: What is the best home security system?

Problem by John-courtney York: What is the best house protection technique?
Ok i used to seem up prime safety programs but held obtaining video clip surveillance i just want a wireless property safety system with excellent extended assortment capacity of a lot more than twenty ft

Greatest response:

Response by G
You can study unbiased reviews at

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Q&A: in TV shows that involves children such as Super Nanny, how do they make children to ignore the camera?

Question by metaligy: in Tv exhibits that includes young children such as Tremendous Nanny, how do they make youngsters to dismiss the camera?
how do they make the kids act so spontaneously? generally youngsters will be looking at the cameras don't they?

Greatest answer:

Answer by gartom
Children as opposed to adults are not self conscious when it arrives to cameras and many others, as opposed to most of the grownup "wannabes" they are unconcerned with how they seem to the *exterior* globe and could not give a monkeys about how they are becoming perceived. :-)

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Q&A: can directv hd dvr be use with Security Camera?

Issue by joe: can directv high definition dvr be use with Safety Digital camera?

Finest answer:

Reply by Stephen M

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Camera Question! Can someone tell me where to get this product?

Problem by couple4anothergirl: Digital camera Issue! Can a person tell me in which to get this item?
Im looking for a
evening vision
motion activated
Security Camera, with sound and a excellent photo!

Im not seeking to shell out a lot more than $ one,000 and i want something with up to 4 screens or a lot more, has to have all the highlighted listings for things im seeking for and be in a excellent high quality / price range assortment.

Hyperlinks are welcome, also a link to a excellent digital digital camera with nice portability and shudder time with very good picture top quality, and a camcorder of the identical high quality and first rate spending budget would be welcome.
The camera cannot be activated by sound but by movement only.

Best solution:

Response by redneck

that was effortless

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

What is the best wireless hidden camera (like a nanny cam)?

Issue by Jackie: What is the finest wireless hidden digital camera (like a nanny cam)?

Finest solution:

Solution by SHO
Hi there!

Well, if you would like a digital camera that is previously concealed in a home item, these kinds of as a clock or other things click on on these hyperlinks: camera-Pen-Holder_W0QQitemZ140097557360QQcategoryZ66738QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

Now, if you want to get really sneaky, and cover it some in which that is really inconspicuous to the babysitter, click on the link down below.

This link is also great for watching your baby at night time sleeping in his/her crib so you can preserve a close eye out for him/her.

Here is this the website link for the above description:

Hope this allows you out! :)-----These are mini wireless color cameras with a extremely obvious image, and can operate on a DC jack, or very last four-7 hours on a nine volt battery.

P.S. the 2nd link has extremely obvious wireless night vision cameras. These are quite very good as I mentioned, if you are likely to observe your baby at night.

Good Luck!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What type of equipment did photographers use back before digital to do motion activated nature photography?

Issue by justbill: What kind of devices did photographers use back prior to digital to do movement activated nature photography?
was there any devices back again prior to digital that permitted the photographer to set up a camera in the wild and it would take photos when it detected movement. Any backlinks to old tools would be a lot appreciated.

Very best reply:

Answer by θηλή φωτογράφος
when you say before digital your asking what did movie photographers use to detect motion?

they employed.........motion sensors

just like safety alarms use movement detectors

they have been all around extended prior to digital cameras

there are mechanical ones and electronic ones and laser ones and all sorts now, the early ones where mechanical

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What type of in-home spy camera sends an alert to your cell phone when activated?

Query by cantbe_yoursuperman: What kind of in-home spy digital camera sends an alert to your cell cellphone when activated?
I study about a females who had a single in your home that was movement activated and sent her an notify when someone broke in her house and she received on a pals laptop or computer to see him in the act and contact police.

Greatest solution:

Solution by A Killer Robot
Thats not really logical. Most house alarm techniques notify the police instantly when there is a break-in, not the property proprietor.

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Home Security DVR problems?

Query by Some One: House Security DVR difficulties?
Following my new house was burglarized a week before I obtained married, I bought a 4ch DVR with tough push program from eBay. It was installed about eight months in the past. Now the DVR unit will not reply to the remote no matter how a lot of diverse batteries I set in it. It also does not react to the buttons I push on the entrance of it. Its conduct is erratic. When I was messing with it this early morning, I only obtained it to reply to two buttons to alter the digital camera views--to Digital camera one and Quad, but the reaction time was delayed. I are not able to make it perform back. The unit does not have a brand identify and the manual has been inadequately translated from some Asian language and is at most moments indecipherable.

So what do I do about the DVR system? Is there a way to make it perform back again with the laptop or computer? Is there a way to correct it?

If I require to acquire a new DVR unit, what do I want to know? I know the cameras have a typical CCTV video connector and I will want a 500 gb harddrive...but do these things come jointly? Can I use any other security digital camera DVR program? This time I want to buy a single that has a brand title, so can I nonetheless use the cameras I have?

Greatest answer:

Solution by takeemmac
I set up about two DRVS a week and you get what you pay out for and then occasionally you shell out to much for junk. go with Honeywell ahdr, hrhd DRVS you can discover them on ebay. I use 80gb hds models in most of my buyers and they work wonderful. I have a number of ahdr sixteen camera units that have been in service more than ten years. they are very easy to use, and basic to set up. If you would like to remote watch the dvr you need to have the computer software but it is on the internet as properly. if you are working windows 7 or vista you will require ras as well as software if you are working xp then you can use ras software program i like this software program far better it is easier to operate. if your cameras have bnc's on them then you ought to be in a position to use them. I actually will not consider you need to have 500gb. 80gb will give you about thirty days of storage then the dvr will rewrite above the oldest video initial.

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Q&A: My baby stays home with a nanny, I would like to have a camera installed.What is the best option?

Problem by kika v: My child stays house with a nanny, I would like to have a digital camera set up.What is the very best alternative?

Best reply:

Solution by Alyssa's mommy
Are you trying to examine to see if shes enjoying with your newborn or do you wanna see if shes abusing your infant?

I'd put 1 in the baby's bedroom centered on the crib and one particular in the residing area centered on the couch.

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Meet The Parents - Home Surveillance Legality Issue?

Query by Craig T: Meet The Mothers and fathers - Home Surveillance Legality Problem?
Anyone who has observed Meet The Parents the scene with the movement activated hidden camera's to i.e surveillance babysitter routines, would this be legal.?

As it is your personal house there need to not be a problem with it? but your are nonetheless video taping individuals without having there knowledge...

Finest solution:

Reply by Mildred S
indeed it is legal. it's completed all the time in the office. the rule is he who pays for the telephone and pc can monitor it. i'd feel the same thing would use if not a lot more so , inside of ones individual property residence.

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Can you recommend an inexpensive home security camera that activates when motion is detected?

Question by Melanie: Can you recommend an inexpensive property protection camera that activates when motion is detected?
We have had some issues just lately with an individual messing with our autos even though we are absent. We want to obtain an affordable house safety digital camera, one thing we can set up outside. But it would have to be movement activated, and quite possibly be capable to watch in the dim. I don't know anything about safety cameras, and in the process of trying to read up on them, I've just grow to be much more puzzled. We never have a good deal of cash, so any cheap ideas would be helpful. They would have to be wireless as well. I never know how or what we would use to record the I said...I don't know something about safety cameras...any support or tips would be extremely a lot appreciated. Many thanks

Best response:

Reply by silvaconsultants
What you are asking for could truly call for many distinct components. I have never ever witnessed any kind of "kit" offered off the shelve that will give you what you are asking for, but there could be a single obtainable.

Very first, you will need to have a digital camera. If it is to be utilised exterior, it wants to be climate-resistant. Cameras require light to operate, so if the area you want to watch is not well-lit, then you will need to have a camera that has reduced-light capacity and/or built-in infrared illuminators.

2nd, you will require something to record the pictures coming from the camera. This can either be a stand-on your own digital video clip recorder (DVR), or can be accomplished on your Personal computer using a video clip seize card and some video recording software program.

Many DVR's and some video clip recording software has constructed-in movement detection ability. If the camera sees motion, then the technique will begin recording. You could also use an exterior movement detector to activate the recording. This would need the use of an outdoor motion detector in addition to the camera.

The most inexpensive and most reliable way to connect these elements would be with difficult-wired cables. If you genuinely ought to use wireless, then you will also want to purchase a wireless video clip transmitter and receiver. Maintain in head that you will nonetheless want to get power to the digital camera anyway, so if you can cable the total factor, this would be your greatest bet.

This complete point would not be affordable I am guessing that you could shell out $ 500 to $ 1,000 to get almost everything you need to have. There are tons of companies that market protection digital camera gear on the internet. Two of the larger firms are:

You could want to make contact with these companies, tell them what you want to do, and see what kinds of answers that they offer.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Q&A: I want to set up a camera to make sure that my babysitter is not doing anything inappropriate, what is a good?

Question by kmm4864990: I want to set up a camera to make sure that my babysitter is not doing anything inappropriate, what is a good?
. . . camera to use to monitor him. More specifically, I only want to know if he is going tinto my bedroom while I am gone. So i was wondering if anyone knows of a motion activated security camera that only switches on if motion is detected. I would prefer that it be affordable. I have noticed some of my panties have been displaced. thanks a lot.

Best answer:

Answer by loganwldr
try these websites|401154256

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Looking for a front door camera?

Question by Harry Raser: Looking for a front door camera?
Having some problems with my mail. Want to make sure its not being taken and that the mail person is actually delivering it.

I'm looking for a motion activated camera that I can mount on my front door that takes a picture of whoever steps in front of it.

I'd prefer not to hard wire it. I'd just like some kind of mounted unit that takes pictures to an SD card.

Does anyone have any suggestions.

Best answer:

Answer by Sanoosi
Check eBay

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Does a security camera that uploads to a web server or ftp without a computer exist?

Question by Striker: Does a security camera that uploads to a web server or ftp without a computer exist?
I want to have an always-on motion activated security camera that supports wifi or even wired ethernet that can upload to a web server or ftp. I don't want to leave my computer on all the time.

Best answer:

Answer by yardstickwhack
Yes. They are called IP or Network cameras.

Here are a few. I actually work for this company. Funny I ran across your post while answering miscellaneous questions. If you ordered from us, your camera would likely pass through my hands.

Another guy mentioned Netbotz. They are proprietary. If you want temperature readings from them, you need to buy their whole system. If you're going to do that, they are not the best. Pelco dominates the high end of this market, but they cost a fortune. If you want what you asked for which is just a camera by itself with a lot of uploading options and motion detection, I suggest a network camera by Toshiba, Canon, Axis, or Vivotek. If you want insane resolution as well, look at IQ Eye (but costly).

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

eckerd security cameras?

Question by Viper619: eckerd security cameras?
wel stock is coming up and not sure what that is...but we supposedly have fake cameras and i was pondering if i took a thing how typically do they examine cameras...a keep like eckerd. and what occurs on stock.

Best reply:

Response by mferrell850
1st you have to locate the control room or where the retain the recorder. Then go in there to see which camera is on......... A tiny identified fact. Wal-Mart also has fake digital camera but only the head of decline prevention understands which ones perform.

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Monday, August 8, 2011

I would like to know how to activate the eye motion camera on windows vista.?

Question by arquiadiaz: I would like to know how to activate the eye motion camera on windows vista.?
I want to see the people I am chatting with. Please, show me how to do this step by step. Thank you in advance for your priceles help.

Best answer:

Answer by the fox
check the manual.

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Home surveillance system question?

Question by K I N G: Residence surveillance system question?
I have set up surveillance cameras close to my home, and it even record audio. I was asking yourself is it illegal to report folks, and not tell them even if they on my home? I usually heard how you cannot video tape everyone without having their permission, but this is distinct as it's a surveillance program?

Best response:

Solution by bcnu
Numerous states have legal guidelines that limit the recording of folks without their consent, but mainly their voices (underneath aged "wire-tapping" consent legal guidelines). But even in this sort of a state, this kind of as Massachusetts, there could be judicial decisions that present for widespread sense (believe it or not). In particular, a organization (it has been held) has an virtually unrestricted right to use cameras to check its personal premises, other than regions wherever staff have a bona fide "expectation of privacy", this sort of as rest room stalls and transforming rooms. Therefore, a single can assume to locate possibly statutory exemptions or judicial scenario regulation that enable video clip monitoring of your personal personal property. However, you may even now need to publish indicators (and illuminate at night time) indicating that audio recording is in progress, in buy to invoke "implied consent" of anyone whose voice is hear on your recordings.

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Do you think some video replay official surveillance should be introduced?

Query by TheKitten: Do you think some video clip replay official surveillance really should be introduced?
I do not mean for standard perform, I mean for gross misconduct on the terrain.

You nevertheless wouldn't interrupt the match and the score would stand.

A player who was located on video clip to have completed something wilfully mistaken could be penalized in some way. Up to and which includes suspensions. Monetary penalties can also push the message property.
Properly, as the Zidane case displays, they do have people types of powers, but should they use them a lot more frequently?

Greatest reply:

Response by Gardel is in my Basement
Watching soccer will grow to be a soreness in the ass due to the fact it will take also significantly time to get an official response and it will be a time killer. Soccer has been played like this since the start of time and the refs are following to the players for a vast majority of time. I believe it would be greater to just leave issues to how they actually are.

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Friday, August 5, 2011

How close does an animal have to get to a trail camera to activate the motion detector?

Query by Tim: How close does an animal have to get to a path camera to activate the motion detector?
I am considering acquiring a path camera for trying to pattern deer on my property. With most models of path digital camera, what is the common maximum distance an animal would have to be to activate the camera to get the photograph?

Finest answer:

Answer by Mav
Most of them are variety adjustable. I would Google them and you can get specs on a broad variety of the designs offered!

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

how many of you nanny employers out there.....?

Question by nicky: how numerous of you nanny employers out there.....?
use nanny cameras?

Very best response:

Reply by M&Ms Mommy
iwas just viewing this point on t.v wherever the lady put one in her living room to enjoy the nanny just take treatment of her twins, and i was mortified!
iw ould reccomend absolutely everyone get one particular and verify in you just can't have confidence in men and women!!

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Seeking opinion on nanny camera?

Problem by NewMommie: Looking for view on nanny camera?
My nanny is amazing-atleast looks so appropriate now-we gave had her for a month so far. But I cannot support but wonder if she is as nice when my husband and I are not about. I experience a tiny embarrased asking this:

one. How does one rely on one more person completely to just take care of ones infant?
2. Any one experienced in making use of nanny cams? Can you advocate what kind I can obtain and wherever from?

Many thanks significantly!
Thanks for people who have responded so far - I am situated in NY state

Very best reply:

Answer by zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
I never feel you should be embarrassed for becoming careful. i don't know exactly where you are in the planet so I cannot recommend a location. if you can put one in your residence then do it. Usually shield your youngster.

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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Who can find the cheapest (but also effective) "nanny cam" or just a hidden camera? 10 pts for best find!!! ?

Question by Nikki: Who can uncover the cheapest (but also successful) "nanny cam" or just a concealed digital camera? 10 pts for greatest discover!!! ?
I am searching for a concealed digital camera to put in my dwelling area that will not break the financial institution! The most affordable find gets ten pts. It has to perform, as well!

Very best remedy:

Remedy by sobelifelover

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Q&A: What is the weirdest thing you have ever caught on your nanny cam or home security camera?

Query by Baby's Mama! :P: What is the weirdest thing you have actually caught on your nanny cam or house security digital camera?

Very best answer:

Solution by JoJo
me doing some pretty creepy stuff *shudders* X

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Video Surveillance Question?

Question by vcsowife: Video clip Surveillance Question?
My neighbor across the street has set up a video clip surveillance digital camera that is pointed immediately at and filming the front of my residence-garden, mailbox, front door, windows, every little thing. I have no situation with him seeking to preserve his house protected but we have had troubles with this neighbor and now he is videoing my property. Does anyone know the legalities of video clip surveillance on someone elses home? If it can make any big difference we live in Florida

Greatest reply:

Remedy by Mike K
I imagine he can video it but not get your audio devoid of your permission.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hooking a coaxal-connected video camera to digital?

Problem by Vichy: Hooking a coaxal-linked video clip camera to digital?
I am wondering if there are any web sites/kits obtainable for hooking a coaxal analog digital camera (like a safety camera) up to a pc? I have a number of analog cameras and was searching to make a DVR protection digital camera network for them about my apartment. Any recommendations/sources?

Greatest reply:

Reply by David Samhoun
go to or give them a phone they assisted me with my security technique

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Do security cameras in places like rite aid actualy work?

Query by opio-coca: Do safety cameras in locations like rite help actualy operate?
i suggest all those bubble cameras on the ceilings. it seems pretty fake to me.

and dnt jump to some outrageous assumption accusing me of theft or robbery. YA'ers are inclined to do that.

it was just a problem out of curiousity

Very best solution:

Answer by iulawmatt
Judging by the surveillance movies I've noticed functioning in a prosecutor's business office, certainly, they undoubtedly do perform. Is the video theater-good quality? No, but it will get the career completed.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Where can I buy the quality security systems like dummy cameras, fire alarm systems etc?

Problem by Paradise: Wherever can I acquire the good quality safety systems like dummy cameras, fire alarm methods and many others?
I am a little- scale company entrepreneur and want security techniques like alarm systems, Fake cash sensors, cameras for my store to defend it from theft..

Very best reply:

Remedy by N R
If you want them cheap, go to an auction for a failed business. There are lots of individuals right now. They are generally promoted in the newspaper, or you can look for auctioneers in your area and consult for an auction list.

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

how to install a outdoor surveillance video camera?

Issue by how to install a out of doors surveillance video camera?
can someone notify me how to install surveillance video camera for the front and back of my house i would like to set camera at the frount and back again doorways i thank you for any aid that you may possibly be capable to give me nettie

Finest remedy:

Answer by Daffyphil
It would depend on what type of closed circuit cameras you are making use of. Is they are internet cameras, the guidelines for hooking them up will come with the software package. If you are making use of correct CCTV, then you will require to obtain a separate keep track of and recorder to hook up your cameras. You will also require to run coaxial cable (RG-six) in addition two conductor wire (generally 18-2) for power provide. It truly is dependent on how you want to use your system. If you want to maintain an eye on your area through the world wide web even though you are at work then web cameras will perform. If it is for when you are house then CCTV is very best. You can set up that devoid of a recorder if you desire. Either way you will have to drill holes via your exterior wall for the wires.

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

How can I change the audio surveillance laws?

Question by Green Nuggets: How can I alter the audio surveillance laws?
I am doing some study on home audio surveillance. I discovered this discussion:

which generally said video clip surveillance is legal beneath state/federal regulations, but if you create audio to it, you operate into legal difficulties. There are legal grey regions in which the law is untested and in some metropolitan areas/states unlawful. Why, if you have a nanny cam with audio in your own home, is it illegal? And what can I do to alter these regulations, examination it in court or lobby some congressmen? to-you-videotape-your-nanny/
You fret about surveillance legal guidelines due to the fact of litigation, who desires to invest $ 1 million defending lawsuits.

Best answer:

Answer by rory
Commence by learning the laws of your city, or state. publish your congressman, start an arranged marketing campaign.

What do you feel? Solution below!

How can I change the audio surveillance laws?

Question by Green Nuggets: How can I change the audio surveillance laws?
I am doing some research on home audio surveillance. I found this discussion:

which basically said video surveillance is legal under state/federal laws, but if you add audio to it, you run into legal problems. There are legal grey areas where the law is untested and in some cities/states illegal. Why, if you have a nanny cam with audio in your own home, is it illegal? And what can I do to change these laws, test it in court or lobby some congressmen?
You worry about surveillance laws because of litigation, who wants to spend $ 1 million defending lawsuits.

Best answer:

Answer by rory
Start by studying the laws of your town, or state. write your congressman, start an organized campaign.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

What is the best camera to watch my dog at home from work?

Problem by Bichette: What is the finest camera to observe my canine at home from operate?
I operate all day at a computer, and needed to know the best way to maintain an eye on my canine at function. Proper now, I maintain him in his crate all day, but would eventually depart him in a bed room. Are Nanny Cameras the finest alternative or just Internet Cams?

Finest answer:

Remedy by science chick
I believe obedience training would be a better selection. If you can't have confidence in the puppy, leave it in the crate. If you trained it well enough and the dog isn't really having problem, why enjoy it? Are you going to go working house from operate due to the fact you noticed the canine pee? I just see this turning out to be tense rather of comforting. When you are at operate you should be functioning, prepare the canine or crate it will not give your self a way to greater tension out above what the canine is doing!

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

how do families or people on tv get comfortable with cameras following them to let true colors show?

Query by Jokah: how do families or folks on television get comfortable with cameras subsequent them to allow genuine hues display?
In largely unscripted exhibits like mtv"created" or "accurate lifestyle" or other documentaries or nanny 911.. stuff like that.. How do the households get comfortable plenty of to combat in entrance of cameras or embarrass on their own??How can they act natural??What about the'r website visitors or people they encounter,they act like the camera isn't there both? How does it happen?

Finest solution:

Solution by lolalavonda
they never. folks normally act diverse in entrance of camera. i guess following decades they would get above it, but at initial they aren't acting real.
and also, the Tv folks tell you what to do. they tell individuals to react a lot more when insulted, act ridiculous, you name it.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

do da security camerasinside walmart really work or some just fake cameras to scare people that try 2 steal?

Question by Daniel: do da security camerasinside walmart actually perform or some just fake cameras to scare men and women that try out two steal?
do all of them function or just some of the cameras

Finest answer:

Answer by maya s
I utilized to perform in Walmart they really function....

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Is there a way to make my own home surveillance?

Question by BlueWeirdo: Is there a way to make my personal residence surveillance?
I have a video clip digital camera. I can hook it up to the laptop. I was pondering of placing it inside but going through the door so I could see who is knocking..and so on. Probably just want it to stream and not help save the file. Thank you.
Also, it would be great if I could have it hooked up to my desktop and be able to see it on my laptop. Is there anything that is Free that I can use for doing that? I know how to network personal computers but I'm not confident how I could get the video clip with out conserving it.. In any other case how could I see it streaming on the notebook?

Finest answer:

Remedy by Small Puppy
So... what is stopping you - other than you cannot turn off the camcorder's sleep timer?

Safety cams and web cams are low cost - just use one of these. That way you can use your camcorder as a camcorder.

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Q&A: Would you send your child to a daycare that did not have video surveillance?

Query by Renny: Would you send your kid to a daycare that did not have video surveillance?
One that you could enjoy when at house or function from your computer?
I consider it really is a fantastic issue to have. Why wouldn't all daycares have them?
I comprehend about the chain daycare issue. I never like it both. Employee flip over is nuts. My five calendar year outdated is about to commence K and my a few 12 months old has a couple much more many years. We are considering of sending the 3 12 months previous to my husbands church daycare. Had been the teacher has 6 young children as an alternative of 12. I believe it would be a lot less tense for her. Plus her new class has a biter and puncher in there, that they don't do much about. My a few yr aged is altering rapidly, and in some methods her mindset is modifying quicker. I understand there are awful three's, but like somebody else explained. "I'm waiting for her head to spin around". She will get out of manage sometimes. There at daycare they place them in time out in entrance of absolutely everyone. At property or my husbands church they have a time out space. I consider time outs ought to be used alone, assists awesome them off much better.
I function at residence. I have the selection to watch. Rely on me, when i have down time, i am at the daycare.

Very best remedy:

Answer by s7e28w81
Its very pricy for some daycares. They then improve the charges of the care. Some individuals can not find the money for larger daycare charges.

I personally would not deliver mine to a daycare without it. Also frightening.

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Q&A: Will a "real fake" video security camera be a deterrent?

Problem by I want solutions: Will a "real fake" video clip security digital camera be a deterrent?
Would an average burglar be in a position to tell if a true video clip surveillance digicam is genuinely related?

I was going to acquire a fake video surveillance camera as a burglar deterrent, but the true ones expense about the same sum as long as you don't link them as a operating camera.

I do not want wires running via my residence or have a wireless camera, so would a genuine but a non-operating video clip camera be a deterrent?

How would a burglar know if it can be certainly linked?

Finest reply:

Reply by nas88car300 Carl E wins !!!!!!
it won't matter if they are true or fake
if they want to rob your house they are likely to rob your property no make a difference what

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Friday, July 15, 2011

has anyone had to purchase security cameras for your house because of trespassers comin in the yard or kids?

Issue by mamamia: has anyone had to purchase safety cameras for your house simply because of trespassers comin in the lawn or little ones?
coming in the property or kids playing whilst the house is vacant?

I bought some fake cameras on ebay hoping that these youngsters get the freakin message to keep out of my fucking yard although I am away from my property for intervals at a time.

Their mama (like most mothers utilizing their children as paychecks) does not give a shit exactly where her hell-yuns are.

Finest solution:

Reply by peter f
why not try infared red beams hook up to some higher pitch sirens rather ,, you can get these from a electronic shop and the camaras as well,set the beams up along the fence line

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Q&A: any one please let know where i can find a nanny hidden camera?

Problem by huggy: any 1 please let know where i can find a nanny hidden digital camera?
i need to have some thing like a digital body or something not suspicious that can be plugged so i dont have to be getting batteries each day. Please a person who is aware of. thank you

Finest reply:

Remedy by selina_555
Do you have a Fry's in close proximity to you? They have fairly a very good alternative of "spy" type cameras.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I would like to know how to react after I being hired for being a nanny and days after I found hidden cameras?

Problem by Me: I would like to know how to react right after I getting employed for becoming a nanny and days right after I discovered hidden cameras?
This is a small but insulting for me, I have tons of experience and from every single single family I've worked for in the past I got just thanks, gratitude and a good deal of appreciation for my work. Right now is my 2nd week for this household and I consider the kid already loves me, but to my surprise as i was placing toys and dishes away I found about four cameras all close to me... I've in no way had this kind of a scenario before I feel this people won't rely on me if so why in this earth will they retain me? I have absolutely nothing to hide but I am a genuinely shy particular person, I can play with the children openly and every thing although I am with them but I can not do the exact same although there is adults about me, I come to feel really unpleasant, given that I noticed the cameras I experience I am in a variety of jail, or something like that.

Anyhow I understand the parents since they had numerous nannies in the previous but still come to feel insulted since I wasn't advised there was cameras all above. Need to I stop?. These days I recognized I even could not play with the child, even although i tried using to disregard it, I just know nothing at all will be the exact same and I never know how to handle this scenario. Please I Require SOME Advice!!!

Best remedy:

Remedy by Zack
If you have had a week with the kid(s), then they household may possibly know that they dont require the cameras. Perhaps if you carry up the reality you are uncomfortable with the cameras, then they may consider them down. Im certain they are just being about protective, but if you permit them know your emotions, im certain they'd consider them down, or at minimum just take them down. If they dont, then it is up to you what you do, quitting may possibly be an choice, but i would discuss to them 1st.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Q&A: pros and cons of nanny cams?

Query by Andrew D: pros and cons of nanny cams?
I'm planning on getting a nanny digital camera for my child. What are the cons of using wired nanny cams?

Greatest solution:

Reply by sharmel
Gee, how can there BE any cons? Your child's security is becoming secured, the camera is totally legal, and if anything is captured that has to outcome in some motion towards the Nanny, it is conclusive evidence in court. And if the particular person you have hired actually does some thing wrong, you may well be ready to place that person out of company exactly where she couldn't damage any other child both.

It's a sorry indictment of the age in which we live, that we really should experience a require to resort to these kinds of measures these days. But we have to do what we have to do.

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Need help with this movie?

Question by kevin3838_66: Will need help with this motion picture?
It's a solution agent motion picture. A group of youngsters go on a discipline trip with the french class, and one of the guys is confused to be a secret agent.

There was a guy with a metal hand, a lady who employed her necklace as a whip. Some of the mystery agents spy gear provided x-ray glasses, suction cup sneakers, a suit that had some type of poisonous fuel, and some variety of automobile with guns and missiles.

Can everyone guess this movie, I'm having trouble figuring it out.


Very best answer:

Answer by revtobadblack
I feel it is named Agent Cody Banking institutions.

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

wireless nanny camera?

Question by Andrew D: wi-fi nanny camera?
I need to install a nanny digital camera in my property. How does a wireless nanny camera work?

Very best answer:

Solution by L A
Check out the internet site beneath. They have details on each and every item and different things to use in your house. Most of the things isn't really inexpensive. But when chatting about the security of your youngsters the price tag should not issue.

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Q&A: How do I record my home surveillance cameras to the internet?

Query by Mike: How do I file my house surveillance cameras to the web?
I know you can stream video like on Justin.television but how would I document it so if burglars stole my personal computer the footage would nonetheless be on the web?

Very best solution:

Reply by Little Dog
The web is just a network.

If the surveillance cameras are analog, then link them to a survellance DVR that can be assigned an IP handle. The surveillance DVR is the storage level and with an IP address can be accessed from pcs on that LAN - or if correctly set up, securely accessed from the world wide web.

If the surveillance cameras are IP centered, then you can set up a server that shops the video clip on the LAN and that can be accessed from the world wide web.

There could be services that permit you to stream you video clip to their servers, but video clip takes Tons of area, so expect to spend for that hard generate space. If your "DVR" is your personal computer, then lock the pc with a safe cable. Better nevertheless, place it someplace that is not too obvious... or get a NAS and have the computer deliver the surveillance to a NAS that is bodily locked up someplace inconspicuous...

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Surveillance in own home?

Question by Justin: Surveillance in personal home?
I just got into foster treatment and getting faced with allegations. So I just wanted to know if whether or not it is illegal to have audio and video surveillance in my residence. Not to spy but to justify what is likely on in my own house. I comprehend that it is illegal to have video in spots such as the bedroom and rest room. But is it illegal to have audio of the little one in these locations. And would they have to be aware of the audio recording in buy not to be sued by mothers and fathers.

P.s I dwell in Arizona

Greatest solution:

Answer by Rick
You have rights and if it is YOUR home, you can use the surveillance devices.

However, you wont be ready to use it in court except if the other events are mindful the camera is taping them.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Anyone use their webcam as home surveillance?

Question by Mister Green: Anyone use their webcam as property surveillance?
If so, what software package do you use/advise? Right after a speedy search i have a couple of choices:

Property Digital camera
WebCam Keep track of

I will of course do far more study. I just mostly want to see streaming video clip (snapshots/alerts optional) and document video clip. For Personal computer.

Thank you in advance.

Finest reply:

Answer by Man Thiebaut
I would strongly advocate TeboCam - I use it every day.
I have heard rumours that it wil shortly have several webcam functionality too.

TeboCam will not stream video however utilizing the publish choice you can publish photos on-line at regular intervals - for instance refresh a photograph every single two seconds.

There again I am the developer so I am probably biased )


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Monday, July 4, 2011

Does anyone know this movie?

Query by T-hero M: Does anyone know this motion picture?
It really is about this british spy kid. I keep in mind that it was also a book. So the dude fundamentally lives with his uncle. That is essentially what I bear in mind there's also this toy retailer he goes to secretly disguised as a spot exactly where he gets his spy gear.

Best answer:

Response by Daria
Perhaps it can be:
Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Q&A: Fake dome security cameras always come with flashing LED lights. Do any REAL dome cameras actually have them?

Query by cmb: Fake dome safety cameras often arrive with flashing LED lights. Do any Real dome cameras truly have them?
For illustration:

Greatest solution:

Solution by wires
Actual cameras, at least those I have observed, have a steady power light. I have not witnessed any real cameras with a flashing light. I would guess they make them flash to appeal to interest to them so you might consider you are below video clip surveillance.

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Friday, July 1, 2011

I need a preferably HD camera for watching wildlife?

Question by Toad: I need a preferably High definition camera for viewing wildlife?
im generating a nature video clip, and I was going to be videoing a weasel down by this stream, but I'm not certain it will actually arrive out even though im there) so I was believe if I obtained a movement activated digital camera, I could get pictures/video devoid of being there! What should I search for? Preferably beneath $ 100 would a single of those hunting cameras work?
There is no electrical power resource nearby.
Thank you!

Very best remedy:

Reply by Jim A
You will not get what you want for that funds. In addition to any digital camera costing that amount will be fairly poorly made and wouldn't hold up extremely long.

I see what you want to do but it will not transpire for $ a hundred.

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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Home Surveillance Videos For Cheap Prices

Query by Pheonixprints: Residence Surveillance Videos For Inexpensive Costs
Hey. I'm gonna attempt doing a small task all around my property to generate a sequence videos for you-tube. I think my family members is insane, so i want to spot 4 cameras in my house to be recording all day and night for a week at a time. Im looking for a excellent internet site to promote me cameras for $ 30-$ 60.

I will not want to get server towers, so i also want to know if i can straight hook the cords to my comp by way of a inexpensive box or whichever.

Greatest answer:

Response by JustChillin
try out these clips&kwCatId=&fbc=one&fr=StorePrice%2FRSK%2F00001000%2F00004999&fbn=Price tag%2F%2410.00+-+%2449.99

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

If an accident is caught on video surveillance is that considered absolute evidence?

Query by thegoobman: If an incident is caught on video surveillance is that considered absolute evidence?
I was exiting a parking garage on campus when the automated gate fell on top rated of my new Toyota corolla. When I got residence I found that the roof was scratched up negative. I named the campus protection workplace and when I advised them what transpired they advised me that simply because I did not file a police report appropriate then the parking garage couldn't be held liable. When I asked if the video clip surveillance cameras could be use to show the fact they advised me "they're not large on that" what rights do I have here?

Greatest solution:

Answer by hexeliebe
You have the proper to file a little statements action versus the parking garage and the manufacturer of the gate, to file for a subpoena to view the protection tape and to hire an lawyer if the damages exceed the restrict for modest statements.

Otherwise, you have the correct to file a declare with your insurance policy corporation.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How can you tell a fake dome security camera?

Question by rowes: How can you tell a fake dome security camera?
How can you tell a fake a single from a real a single within a shop?

Greatest respond to:

Solution by Freddy F
Steal something... if you get caught then it was true. lol

Just kidding. I do not think you can tell... that's the position!

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Monday, June 27, 2011

nanny, camera.?

Query by meeeeee: nanny, camera.?
I am a nanny. I suspect one of my customers possessing some concealed cameras. Despite the fact that I am not a hundred% positive, I have a deep suspicion. I am reliable, and have by no means carried out anything that I would not do if the mother and father have been there, I am sure of that! If I do locate out they have concealed cameras...Ought to I inquire them about it? I just will need some general ALL about guidance on each and every factor of this predicament.

Finest reply:

Answer by pinkfanatic
I'm a nanny too. They dont have to explain to you if they have cameras. I have in no way labored for a loved ones with cameras I labored for one who advised me they had believed about it but decided it was a breach of my privacy. You can request them if you really feel comfortable with them but that may well make you appear undesirable... if you know what I imply... I'd just keep performing a excellent career at work and not even be troubled about it.
A whole lot of families are obtaining them now it really is very frequent. Just do what tends to make you come to feel greater. I have never worked for a family members with a camera so I dont know what I'd do. I worked for a man who operates for the government and he often understood everything but they didnt have cameras because they rehired me and made the decision in opposition to cameras when they bought their new property, they got them with their new nanny... she does not know.

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

How can I set up a home surveillance camera?

Query by Ismael: How can I set up a home surveillance camera?
I want to set up a residence surveillance camera to report 24hrs a day what it sees. I want it to preserve the video clips into a laptop or computer, each day would b a separate video file.

Is this achievable? If yes, what would be the most inexpensive surveillance camera to get? Any other devices I would require to but?

Very best response:

Reply by Proud Latino/Russian =)
Sure it is feasible. Go to best acquire or circuit town. You can even consider walmart. They need to arrive in kits by the way and software program for you to install on your laptop or computer.

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

What is a good security camera?

Issue by AnnaK: What is a good protection digital camera?
My partner and I have been obtaining beer cans in the again of our home, and are afraid a person is creeping all around. Need to we get wild video game motion activated cameras? We have donkeys, so I am afraid all we'll get is them transferring close to. Or is there a very good security camera we could get? Anyone with knowledge on this, please leave input.

Best reply:

Reply by Tim
I advise Q-See QSC48030 High Resolution Weatherproof CCD Digital camera w/80ft of Evening Vision
•1/3-inch Sony image sensor delivers 480-lines of resolution for crisp and obvious quality
•36-infrared LEDs makes it possible for for evening-time visibility of about eighty feet
•Easily connects to any Television/VCR and rapid viewing or recording
•Weatherproof for both indoor and outside use
•Includes 60-foot cable for versatile installation

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Friday, June 24, 2011

were do i buy fake security cameras in Ontario?

Issue by sparkle: had been do i acquire fake security cameras in Ontario?
need to be within the better toronto location

Best reply:

Remedy by Hippie Chick
On-line....Specialty Keep Services....ebay..there are Numerous areas that sell these.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Is it legal for an employer to watch his employees through video surveillance at his home?

Query by Kayla: Is it legal for an employer to enjoy his staff via movie surveillance at his house?
i function in the mall in NC and my employer, also the owner of the retailer, watches us via the cameras that are in the store from his property. he apparently can pull them up on the web or one thing and view us dwell?? he will at times call the shop and request concerns like "why has this particular person been in the back for so extended?" or "i see yall haven't been busy given that you are just standing all around powering the counter". i locate this extremely creepy and unusual and sort of an invasion of my personal space.

is this legal?? if not, what are the cause behind this? if somebody feels the will need to waste their time observing their personnel throughout the day, why don't they just go to the retailer and operate themselves?

Best answer:

Solution by Zaltakar
I dont' know but I would say no

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What would someone who have all this items use it for?

Issue by Billy: What would somebody who have all this products use it for?
Back in Nov, there was a trespasser on my land at night. When I, my two sons, a buddy and two canines went out to the abandoned property to try out find this trespasser, both dogs ran to the residence following being sprayed with a mace by the trespasser. When one of my son noticed the trespasser, he was so scared that he just froze right there.

He states the trespasser was donning some sort of outfit you see spy sporting in motion pictures. He says the trespasser ran all way to the river and acquired in and by no means arrived out. The water was someplace in 40's at the time!

Tonight even though on facebook, I found a neighbor kid who was on my good friend listing generating a comment on a photo of an individual else. I went to it and found it was person that seem really significantly like as my son described the trespasser.

When an individual asked what he was wearing, he place in this:

"My gears adjust routinely, but here's a list of what I have on in this image-
Orca S3 sleeveless triathlo wetsuit
wylex spear goggles
Troy Lee se elbow guard
Troy Lee Combat knee guard sprayed flat black
Black longsleeve rashguard
Yates padded Lightweight assault harness
B2 flat black helmet
fingerless tactical rappelling gloves
Oneil Heat Ninja Split Toe gentle sole surf boots

That canister on the webbing is a spare air
The knife is Gerber again up guardian"

What could this individual be up to? Why the outfit?

Best solution:

Answer by Crusatta
A person is residing out an SEAL fantasy. Most of that gear is built to be "tactical-like" but is not military concern.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Q&A: How can you tell if a security camera is fake?

Question by Trancedone: How can you tell if a security camera is fake?
My neighbour has 2 safety cameras on his outside walls pointing at my property. When I complain to the police they don't do anything at all.
It could be that they are fake, there are no wires, movement or any type of lights. Also an incident with him and involving the police, they did not use his cameras for proof which they quickly could of completed but as an alternative they acquired witness statements.
How can you inform if they are dummy cameras?

Finest answer:

Response by makaela!
Provided what you stated, I feel they are fake. You can notify when there is no wires or nearly anything - and most may have a light showing that it can be on, so if there just isn't 1, probably fake.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Local DMV uses fake security cameras, and has signs that say "under 24 surveillence". Is this legal?

Query by Termina: Nearby DMV utilizes fake security cameras, and has indications that say "under 24 surveillence". Is this legal?
Is there anything I can do about this? The cameras are clearly fake they are the variety you put AA batteries into for it to "shift" when it detects movement. I truly have a few of these specific cameras at house. :)

Very best solution:

Reply by John H
Indeed it really is legal.

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Is This A Good Collection?

Question by Red: Is This A Excellent Selection?
I will be getting a PS2 and XBOX 360 soon so will not complain. Also you could checklist some good games for every single I by now have for PS2: TheJak series, Twisted Metal: Black . For 360: Halo three

Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Close friends
Air Fortress
Back again to the Long run
Back to the Potential two and 3
Balloon Combat
Bible Adventures
Blades of Steel
Bugs Bunnys Birthday Blowout
Castlevania 2 - Simon's Quest
Castlevania three - Dracula's Curse
Clu Clu Land
Die Difficult
Donkey Kong Classics
Double Dragon
Double Dragon 2 - The Revenge
Double Dragon 3 - The Sacred Stones
Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde
Dragon Warrior
Dragons Lair
Fester's Quest
Ultimate Fantasy
Fist of the North Star
Flight of the Intruder
Friday the 13th
Ghosts n' Goblins
Gilligan's Island
House Alone
Home On your own 2 - Misplaced in New York
Ice Climber
The Karate Kid
Kid Icarus
Kung Fu
Legacy of the Wizard
The Legend of Zelda
M.C. Children
Mario Bros
Master Chu and the Drunken Hu
Mega Gentleman
Mega Guy two
Mega Guy 3
Metal Gear
Micro Devices
Ms. Pac-Gentleman
Nightmare on Elm Street
Silent Support
Silver Surfer
The Simpsons - Bart vs. the Space Mutants
The Simpsons - Bart vs. the Entire world
Spy vs. Spy
Tremendous Mario Bros.
Super Mario Bros 2.
Tremendous Mario Bros three.
Super Pitfall
Super Sprint
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 - The Arcade Sport
Top rated Gun
Leading Gun 2 - The Second Mission
Wally Bear and the No Gang
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Wizards and Warrior
Wizards and Warriors 2 - Ironsword
Yoshi's Cookie
Zelda two - The Journey of Hyperlink

ABC Monday Night time Football
Asterix and Obelix
Beavis and Butt-head
Brawl Brothers
Chrono Set off
Donkey Kong Region
Donkey Kong Nation 2 - Diddy Kongs Quest
Donkey Kong Nation 3 - Dixie Kongs Double Problems
Earthworm Jim
ESPN Speedworld
Harvest Moon
Killer Instinct
Kirby Tremendous Star
Kirbys Avalanche
Kirbys Dream Study course
Kirbys Dream Land 3
Legend of Zelda - A Url to the Previous
The Lion King
Mario Paint
Marios Time Device
Mega Male X
Mega Guy X2
Mega Guy X3
Mortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat 2
Mortal Kombat three
Ms. Pac-Man
NCAA Bastketball
NHL 94
Key of Mana
Sim Metropolis
Spider-Guy and Venom - Highest Carnage
Star Fox
Tremendous Bomberman
Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario Globe
Super Mario Kart
Tremendous Mario RPG - Legend of the 7 Stars
Super Mario Globe 2 - Yoshi's Island
Tremendous Metroid
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles four - Turtles in Time
Tetris Attack
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
Wolfenstein three-D
Yoshi's Safari
Zombies Ate My Neighbours

Blue Sphere
Dr.Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
NHL 94
Sonic 3-D Blast
Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Sonic the Hedgehog three
Sonic & Knuckles
Sonic Spinball

Diddy Kong Racing
Kirby 64- The Crystal Shards
Legend of Zelda - The Ocarina of Time
Madden 99
Mario Golf
Mario Party
Mario Tennis
Tremendous Mario 64
Toy Tale two
Yoshi's Story

Animal Crossing
Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince
Harvest Moon: A Great Existence
Legend of Zelda - The Wind Waker
Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
Mario Get together five
Mario Party 7
Metroid Prime
Naruto Clash of Ninja two
Paper Mario - The Thousand-Year Doorway
Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness
The Sims 2
Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Lower
Sonic Adventure 2: Battle
Sonic Gems Collection
Sonic Heroes
Sonic Mega Selection
Starfox Adventures
Starfox Assault
Tremendous Mario Sunshine
Tremendous Smash Bros. Melee
Tony Hawk's Professional Skater 4
Tony Hawk's Underground 2

Wii: Lively Life: Outside Challenge
Guitar Hero three : Legends of Rock
Mario Social gathering eight
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games
Metroid Prime 3 - Corruption
My Sims Kingdom
Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution
Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution two
Sonic and the Solution Rings
Tremendous Mario Galaxy
Tremendous Monkey Ball - Banana Blitz
Tremendous Smash Bros. Brawl

Donkey Kong Land
Kirby's Dream Land
Legend of Zelda - Link's Awakening
Pokemon Blue
Pokemon Crystal
Pokemon Gold
Pokemon Puzzle Challenge
Pokemon Red
Pokemon Silver
Pokemon Buying and selling Card Game
Pokemon Yellow
Super Mario Bros. Deluxe
Tremendous Mario Land

Harvest Moon - Buddies of Mineral City
The Incredibles
It's Mr. Pants
Legend of Zelda - A Website link to the Previous
Mario Kart Tremendous Circuit
Metroid Zero Mission
Ms. Pac-Gentleman and Pac-Guy Entire world two in 1
Namco Museum
Naruto Ninja Counsil
Paperboy and Rampage 2 in 1
Pokemon FireRed
Pokemon LeafGreen
Spyro Orange - The Cortax Conspiracy
Tremendous Mario Advance
Super Mario Globe
Tak - The Wonderful Juju Problem
Tony Hawk's Underground 2
WarioLand 4
Yoshis's Island

DS: Animal Crossing: Wild World
Diddy Kong Racing DS
Exit DS
Mario Kart DS
Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time
Mario Hoops - three on 3
Naruto Ninja Destiny
Naruto Shippuden: N

Best answer:

Reply by R3tr0Dud3
Certainly, Quite great!

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Nanny Cam's (cameras)?

Question by Nicko: Nanny Cam's (cameras)?
What do you think of them?
I believe they are the greatest concept ever! But as a substitute of being secrecative about them.....I would tell the nanny that i have hidden camers installed. I would also lie and say that i have a lot more than i do in fact!!!!!
I just would fairly it not transpire, than catching the nanny in action.

Nancy Grace has 86 nanny cam's in her home....
Certainly! I noticed that video the other day... It broke my heart! You can hear the small baby crying by way of the entire video clip. Makes me just want to hold the small baby and adore it!
I wager the dad and mom of that infant and all of the other babies this has took place to just give their babys soooo considerably adore!!!!
I would just die if i found an individual healing my little one that way
I just genuinely will not recognize it at alllllll!!!

Best reply:

Reply by Mommy x2 ♥*´`*•.
nanny cams are a excellent notion.Appears like you can't rely on anyone these days....that is one particular of the good reasons I am a keep-at-home mommy.

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Which Security Surveillance system has motion activated video cameras which stores data & Internet viewing?

Question by sri k: Which Security Surveillance technique has movement activated video cameras which retailers knowledge & Web viewing?
It really should shop the data in a difficult disk and also want to supply viewing on the internet as effectively.

Finest solution:

Reply by Tiny Dog
Plenty - what is your finances?

Mine has a bunch of analog cameras connected to a security DVR with a difficult drive. The DVR is in which the motion places are set and the motion detection recording takes place. The DVR is assigned an IP deal with. The DVR is connected to the nearby place network with a CAT5 ethernet cable...
Or you can get IP based mostly cameras that feed a video server for storage and access...

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

What do fake security cameras do?

Query by McCardle M: What do fake protection cameras do?

Greatest response:

Reply by nic
Make somebody not rob you, due to the fact they think you have them on tape...

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Motion activated cameras?

Question by Ashley: Movement activated cameras?
I am looking for a motion activated camera or video camera that I can aim at a doorway to report individuals coming in. It will only be utilised inside of. Ideally, the digital camera will be reduced cost and will take many images or report for a number of seconds after becoming activated. Any recommendations?

Greatest response:

Solution by Ammar Al-Nabusli
try this :D

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What do you think of nanny cams?

Question by ►◄The►◄ ►Answers◄ ►◄Girl►◄: What do you believe of nanny cams?
Nanny cams are concealed cameras positioned around the house to keep an eye on a nanny or little one sitter.

I can recognize parents wanting to do nearly anything and almost everything to make confident that the particular person they are trusting with their kid is responsible, but isn't that a bit harsh on the nanny. It can not be niced to be filmed without realizing.

What do you think?
*good (sorry, typo)
To the hamburger woman: I'm not 'one of these nannies' I'm 15. Never be so angry and try out to judge individuals.

Greatest response:

Solution by Emoja
If I explanation to suspect my babysitter was doing a thing mistaken, I'd just fire her. It really is like any other connection. If there is certainly no believe in, it's time to break it off.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

I am looking for a hard wires video surveillance system that I can see my home on the internet while I am away?

Query by John: I am seeking for a challenging wires video surveillance method that I can see my property on the world wide web while I am absent?
I have no troubles putting in any electrical system, I just thought I would throw it up into the air

Best reply:

Response by AJ has some excellent information on picking a surveillance technique for your house.

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I am looking for a hard wires video surveillance system that I can see my home on the internet while I am away?

Question by John: I am looking for a hard wires video surveillance system that I can see my home on the internet while I am away?
I have no problems installing any electrical system, I just thought I would throw it up into the air

Best answer:

Answer by AJ has some great information on choosing a surveillance system for your home.

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

I think my boyfriend has a home made video surveillance setup in our bedroom and bathroom. How can I find out?

Issue by Ann J: I consider my boyfriend has a house made video surveillance setup in our bed room and bathroom. How can I find out?
I KNOW I'm getting watched somehow by my boyfriend. I looked everywhere for cameras or some kind of DVR but can only discover wires that are not hooked up. I recently saw him messing with our Samsung television remote in the manual somewhere but he quickly took it off the screen when I arrived in the room. Is there a way to perform nearly anything he may possibly have recorded if all I have is a Direct Television remote, and a new model Samsung tv remote? And, I flat out asked if he was watching me... he explained no and I'm crazy.

Finest response:

Solution by J
did you appear on utube?

Immediate Television remote wont aid do you have a dvd cd vhs blueray
verify them he mite have left vid in them
can examine his dvd cd selection
and his laptop computer

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