Saturday, April 30, 2011

Where Could I get fake security cameras for free?!?

Issue by Miroku: Where Could I get fake protection cameras for no cost?!?
I want the illusion That my house is becoming watched from all corners but don't sense like paying out a fortune for genuine security cameras! Also It would help if they looked practical and up to date! Really don't bother answering this query if you are simply googling free of charge fake safety cameras or some thing.

Greatest solution:

Answer by Jim A
Why is it so many folks believe other people are going to manufacture anything at all and then just give it absent?
Use your head? Make them from wood or some thing. No one particular in his correct mind will give you anything at all he/she made for free of charge!

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Does anyone know where to find decently cheap spy gear either for kids or adults?

Question by Disco D: Does everyone know in which to discover decently low-cost spy gear either for children or grown ups?
Any person? Don't be troubled I am using it for legal functions. A friend and I like to do things like this. It's more for securing our rooms and or property. At times...Occasionally to spy on our siblings. =D

Finest reply:

Remedy by Mike
check out toys r us .com or form it in in google . com

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Q&A: is a wireless nanny camera with 420 lines (black and white) look good enough to see all details?

Question by twistedpain111: is a wireless nanny digital camera with 420 lines (black and white) search great enough to see all facts?
im seeking to obtain a nanny digital camera for my living place. I have a cleaner/dog sitter come feed my cat and canine and clear their messes up but recently ive witnessed my cat with scratches on his neck, of course i will let her know i have a digital camera existing to steer clear of any privacy troubles but i was asking yourself if a 420 line black and white digital camera looks great plenty of to see modest particulars. everyone with suggestions? (seeking for a wireless) thank you!

Best answer:

Answer by fhotoace
Nanny cameras are Extremely very low good quality ... wherever they truly fall short is that they do not run at 30 fps ... far more like five fps ... individuals lacking frames can cause considerably misinterpretation.

What might be the best solution is a high resolution IP camera.

You can google for them

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What would be the best motion activated camera?

Query by onedot.darling: What would be the greatest motion activated camera?
I want to place on in my apartment to record who is coming in and what they are carrying out. Any person have experience with these kind of factors. I want 1 that will report to maybe my pc and not actual expensive.

Best answer:

Solution by empenage2003
the very best ? most likely far more pricey than these...

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Is there any one can tell me how to set up a home surveillance video camera?

Query by Jane S: Is there any a single can notify me how to set up a house surveillance video clip digital camera?
We have a nasty nighborgh who aften time allow their dog shit at our front lawn and we don't have any evidence that we can confront them. We will need some support with seting up a home video camera to catch up the nasty folks. We value any assist.

Very best solution:

Remedy by mad c
i set up a method for 160 dollars.. you can get a camra that hooks up to your VCR and Television wireless.. or you can get a single with a keep track of that hooks up to a VCR check out out Ebay

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fake security cameras in the market?

Query by Ava D: Fake safety cameras in the marketplace?
I heard that there are now fake safety cameras in the marketplace. Do they function as effectively as the real offer?

Best answer:

Remedy by Olivia D
Fake protection cameras can be employed to deter criminals from coming into your house or vandalizing your home. However, if it does not work, you wouldn't be able to file the crime and you wouldn't have any sort of proof that would aid you and the authorities determine the culprit.

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Q&A: What is the best motion activated hidden camera to buy?

Issue by Isabelle <3: What is the best motion activated hidden digital camera to get?
i think my ex husband is breaking into my residence. i want to put a concealed digital camera by the door when im not house so that i will know for confident. i need a motion activated, really concealed and self contained DVR recording unit that provides a distinct photograph and can see evidently in the darkish. what can you advise?

Very best remedy:

Remedy by Emily S.
Properly you really don't want something as well revealing that your ex husband may possibly spot as a hidden digital camera. Does your front door enter into a living space, a foyer, is there a location in which you could sit one of these spy image frames, It would be absolutely discrete and I wager he would in no way think two times about a image frame getting a created in camera unit in it. Do you consider this would work? There are other intriguing hidden cameras right here,, but I think that a single may possibly be the best. Desire this will help!

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Q&A: wher can i find spy gear for kids only within $ten?

Query by cmn915@sbcyahoo.web: wher can i discover spy gear for youngsters only in $ ten?
i'm wanting to uncover spy gear for kids inside texas.

Finest solution:

Remedy by David L
Ebay would be a good thought since they have cheap and very good things!!

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

How exactly to nanny cameras work? How do you get the recorded info off? How do you find them in a house?

Query by jensen: How exactly to nanny cameras perform? How do you get the recorded info off? How do you discover them in a property?
I want to know how to know if there are nanny cameras in a house and how a person watches the recorded data. (ie, does it send the data it a personal computer or something)

Finest answer:
Reply by Sic
scary query......sounds like they will need to check out you

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Are there really such things as fake security cameras?

Query by i♥you: Are there actually these factors as fake protection cameras?
my buddy advised me that some merchants have fake safety cameras as a substitute of actual ones, just to intimidate criminals, shoplifters, and the like. is this true? if so, what do they glimpse like? and how can you inform? of all the security cameras i've seen, all of them search the same... i can not inform "fake" ones from the real ones.

Finest remedy:

Solution by Legit

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Are home video surveillance monitors worth having?

Question by Mr. LOL: Are home video clip surveillance monitors well worth getting?
I have a single elderly mom and a mentally retarded brother who lives with me.

I variety of fear about them when I work in the course of the day, even though I reside in a secure rural community and have great neighbors.

Are these home video clip and audio surveillance monitors well worth getting?
When I'm residence I have a shotgun just in situation something takes place.

Greatest solution:

Solution by bob_frangione2000
If you are so involved that you want to maintain such close tabs on your home, it may possibly be worth it to you. I am not positive what you are expecting to happen that prompts you to keep a shotgun helpful.

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Where is a good website for kindergarten age kids if they are into spys, spy gear, or generally anything to do

Question by bobn2ts: Wherever is a good website for kindergarten age youngsters if they are into spys, spy gear, or typically anything at all to do
My 5 12 months old daughter thinks she is an worldwide spy ever since she noticed Spy Children and Backyardagans International Super Spy movie. Now she needs to have a truly awsome internet site to see to go along with it.

Very best remedy:

Reply by Sweetheart S

I know that this is not specifically what you're hunting for, but the museum could be fun if you're ever before in the place and the site is enjoyable, even if it's not spy stuff just.

There is a game known as Eagle Eye Mysteries that you can purchase, but I assume it is for older youngsters.

National Geographic has all kinds of video games, training ones, and some are spy themed. But once again, it may possibly be for older little ones.

Good luck to you!
I would just get her a magnifying glass and binoculars and study Nate the Wonderful guides to her.

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

What store sales fake security cameras?

Query by satin_game: What shop revenue fake safety cameras?
I need to buy a fake safety camera does anyone know of a keep that I can go to beside buying one particular online?

Very best solution:

Solution by kaiy2k
Go to your regional residence improvement store. Whilst they may not have fake cameras to market, they might market the weatherproof housings for them, which you could use as a fake.

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Q&A: Can A TIVO Be a Security Camera DVR?

Query by Leo John: Can A TIVO Be a Security Digital camera DVR?
So I have this previous working Tivo Series two DT DVR. And I also have a protection camera. Can I hook it up to my protection camera and document footage?

Many thanks

Greatest solution:

Reply by PoohBearPenguin
First off, the Tivo wants a subscription. If it doesn't have a single, it will not do anything at all except complain it doesn't have a subscription.

If it's got a subscription, you can then connect the digital camera (only 1!) to the AV inputs on the Tivo. You are going to have to then create a bunch of manual recordings that recur every single day (I'd do them in 4 hour blocks) to report the footage from the camera.

It will nonetheless complain about not obtaining a telephone connection and all that, but you'll just have to dismiss that as you are not making use of the Tivo that way.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

what website I can find the cheapest security camera and dvr ?

Issue by Jimmy: what website I can find the most affordable security digital camera and dvr ?
I want to purchase a set of protection program for monitoring my home. in which i can buy a far better and very low price tag one? thank you

Best reply:

Reply by Cctvdirectbuy
verify this web site, you get the lowest price tag for protection digital camera and dvr

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Q&A: What is the best video surveillance system for a small home?

Query by Branham D: What is the best video clip surveillance system for a small home?
I need to know the greatest property video surveillance program at a respectable price. Mine and my fiance's automobiles ended up equally broken into previous night so I'm seeking to get a video surveillance program I can keep track of the property with ... Any recommendations?

Very best reply:

Solution by Jay
Obtained the ideal area for you go to ( )
they have every little thing
you will need for what you want .Just scroll the internet site and stop when you see something you like .They have outstanding stuff in there and very sensible.

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I have a DVR for my security camera, the screen always shows HARDDISK FAIL. what solution can i do?

Concern by md: I have a DVR for my security camera, the display often displays HARDDISK FAIL. what remedy can i do?
I have a DVR for my protection digital camera, the screen constantly displays HARDDISK FAIL. what solution can i do?
i have a DVR for my protection camera, the display constantly exhibits Hard DISK FAIL. what solution can i do? 500 gigabytes capability. recordings has occupies 58% only.

Very best solution:

Remedy by A T
3 things to verify:

Does your DVR assistance large challenging drives (the unit might have a restrict in terms of how considerably storage it can tackle) - if it does help huge tough drives, does assist for bigger drives require to be activated with a setup paramater?

Get in touch with the producer to discover out if a newer model of the technique BIOS is accessible which corrects the anomaly.

Most DVR's have a motherboard BIOS reset jumper - as a last ditch energy, you can reset the DVR configuration to it really is original state and reformat the hard generate.

Good Luck

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