Thursday, April 28, 2011

Q&A: is a wireless nanny camera with 420 lines (black and white) look good enough to see all details?

Question by twistedpain111: is a wireless nanny digital camera with 420 lines (black and white) search great enough to see all facts?
im seeking to obtain a nanny digital camera for my living place. I have a cleaner/dog sitter come feed my cat and canine and clear their messes up but recently ive witnessed my cat with scratches on his neck, of course i will let her know i have a digital camera existing to steer clear of any privacy troubles but i was asking yourself if a 420 line black and white digital camera looks great plenty of to see modest particulars. everyone with suggestions? (seeking for a wireless) thank you!

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Answer by fhotoace
Nanny cameras are Extremely very low good quality ... wherever they truly fall short is that they do not run at 30 fps ... far more like five fps ... individuals lacking frames can cause considerably misinterpretation.

What might be the best solution is a high resolution IP camera.

You can google for them

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