Saturday, April 16, 2011

Q&A: Can A TIVO Be a Security Camera DVR?

Query by Leo John: Can A TIVO Be a Security Digital camera DVR?
So I have this previous working Tivo Series two DT DVR. And I also have a protection camera. Can I hook it up to my protection camera and document footage?

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Reply by PoohBearPenguin
First off, the Tivo wants a subscription. If it doesn't have a single, it will not do anything at all except complain it doesn't have a subscription.

If it's got a subscription, you can then connect the digital camera (only 1!) to the AV inputs on the Tivo. You are going to have to then create a bunch of manual recordings that recur every single day (I'd do them in 4 hour blocks) to report the footage from the camera.

It will nonetheless complain about not obtaining a telephone connection and all that, but you'll just have to dismiss that as you are not making use of the Tivo that way.

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