Monday, April 18, 2011

Where is a good website for kindergarten age kids if they are into spys, spy gear, or generally anything to do

Question by bobn2ts: Wherever is a good website for kindergarten age youngsters if they are into spys, spy gear, or typically anything at all to do
My 5 12 months old daughter thinks she is an worldwide spy ever since she noticed Spy Children and Backyardagans International Super Spy movie. Now she needs to have a truly awsome internet site to see to go along with it.

Very best remedy:

Reply by Sweetheart S

I know that this is not specifically what you're hunting for, but the museum could be fun if you're ever before in the place and the site is enjoyable, even if it's not spy stuff just.

There is a game known as Eagle Eye Mysteries that you can purchase, but I assume it is for older youngsters.

National Geographic has all kinds of video games, training ones, and some are spy themed. But once again, it may possibly be for older little ones.

Good luck to you!
I would just get her a magnifying glass and binoculars and study Nate the Wonderful guides to her.

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