Saturday, April 23, 2011

Q&A: What is the best motion activated hidden camera to buy?

Issue by Isabelle <3: What is the best motion activated hidden digital camera to get?
i think my ex husband is breaking into my residence. i want to put a concealed digital camera by the door when im not house so that i will know for confident. i need a motion activated, really concealed and self contained DVR recording unit that provides a distinct photograph and can see evidently in the darkish. what can you advise?

Very best remedy:

Remedy by Emily S.
Properly you really don't want something as well revealing that your ex husband may possibly spot as a hidden digital camera. Does your front door enter into a living space, a foyer, is there a location in which you could sit one of these spy image frames, It would be absolutely discrete and I wager he would in no way think two times about a image frame getting a created in camera unit in it. Do you consider this would work? There are other intriguing hidden cameras right here,, but I think that a single may possibly be the best. Desire this will help!

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