Friday, July 15, 2011

has anyone had to purchase security cameras for your house because of trespassers comin in the yard or kids?

Issue by mamamia: has anyone had to purchase safety cameras for your house simply because of trespassers comin in the lawn or little ones?
coming in the property or kids playing whilst the house is vacant?

I bought some fake cameras on ebay hoping that these youngsters get the freakin message to keep out of my fucking yard although I am away from my property for intervals at a time.

Their mama (like most mothers utilizing their children as paychecks) does not give a shit exactly where her hell-yuns are.

Finest solution:

Reply by peter f
why not try infared red beams hook up to some higher pitch sirens rather ,, you can get these from a electronic shop and the camaras as well,set the beams up along the fence line

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