Monday, July 18, 2011

Is there a way to make my own home surveillance?

Question by BlueWeirdo: Is there a way to make my personal residence surveillance?
I have a video clip digital camera. I can hook it up to the laptop. I was pondering of placing it inside but going through the door so I could see who is knocking..and so on. Probably just want it to stream and not help save the file. Thank you.
Also, it would be great if I could have it hooked up to my desktop and be able to see it on my laptop. Is there anything that is Free that I can use for doing that? I know how to network personal computers but I'm not confident how I could get the video clip with out conserving it.. In any other case how could I see it streaming on the notebook?

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Remedy by Small Puppy
So... what is stopping you - other than you cannot turn off the camcorder's sleep timer?

Safety cams and web cams are low cost - just use one of these. That way you can use your camcorder as a camcorder.

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