Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Surveillance in own home?

Question by Justin: Surveillance in personal home?
I just got into foster treatment and getting faced with allegations. So I just wanted to know if whether or not it is illegal to have audio and video surveillance in my residence. Not to spy but to justify what is likely on in my own house. I comprehend that it is illegal to have video in spots such as the bedroom and rest room. But is it illegal to have audio of the little one in these locations. And would they have to be aware of the audio recording in buy not to be sued by mothers and fathers.

P.s I dwell in Arizona

Greatest solution:

Answer by Rick
You have rights and if it is YOUR home, you can use the surveillance devices.

However, you wont be ready to use it in court except if the other events are mindful the camera is taping them.

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