Thursday, July 7, 2011

Q&A: How do I record my home surveillance cameras to the internet?

Query by Mike: How do I file my house surveillance cameras to the web?
I know you can stream video like on Justin.television but how would I document it so if burglars stole my personal computer the footage would nonetheless be on the web?

Very best solution:

Reply by Little Dog
The web is just a network.

If the surveillance cameras are analog, then link them to a survellance DVR that can be assigned an IP handle. The surveillance DVR is the storage level and with an IP address can be accessed from pcs on that LAN - or if correctly set up, securely accessed from the world wide web.

If the surveillance cameras are IP centered, then you can set up a server that shops the video clip on the LAN and that can be accessed from the world wide web.

There could be services that permit you to stream you video clip to their servers, but video clip takes Tons of area, so expect to spend for that hard generate space. If your "DVR" is your personal computer, then lock the pc with a safe cable. Better nevertheless, place it someplace that is not too obvious... or get a NAS and have the computer deliver the surveillance to a NAS that is bodily locked up someplace inconspicuous...

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