Friday, July 1, 2011

I need a preferably HD camera for watching wildlife?

Question by Toad: I need a preferably High definition camera for viewing wildlife?
im generating a nature video clip, and I was going to be videoing a weasel down by this stream, but I'm not certain it will actually arrive out even though im there) so I was believe if I obtained a movement activated digital camera, I could get pictures/video devoid of being there! What should I search for? Preferably beneath $ 100 would a single of those hunting cameras work?
There is no electrical power resource nearby.
Thank you!

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Reply by Jim A
You will not get what you want for that funds. In addition to any digital camera costing that amount will be fairly poorly made and wouldn't hold up extremely long.

I see what you want to do but it will not transpire for $ a hundred.

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