Friday, July 22, 2011

What is the best camera to watch my dog at home from work?

Problem by Bichette: What is the finest camera to observe my canine at home from operate?
I operate all day at a computer, and needed to know the best way to maintain an eye on my canine at function. Proper now, I maintain him in his crate all day, but would eventually depart him in a bed room. Are Nanny Cameras the finest alternative or just Internet Cams?

Finest answer:

Remedy by science chick
I believe obedience training would be a better selection. If you can't have confidence in the puppy, leave it in the crate. If you trained it well enough and the dog isn't really having problem, why enjoy it? Are you going to go working house from operate due to the fact you noticed the canine pee? I just see this turning out to be tense rather of comforting. When you are at operate you should be functioning, prepare the canine or crate it will not give your self a way to greater tension out above what the canine is doing!

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