Monday, August 22, 2011

If you use security surveillance cameras at your home, do you have to post a sign that lets people know?

Question by angelacvn: If you use protection surveillance cameras at your property, do you have to submit a signal that lets men and women know?
I reside in Hamilton, ON. There are no symptoms posted and I cannot look to uncover any data online concerning this. The camera seems to be as if it is pointing straight at my house...into my three yr old daughters area! Now I could be mistaken, but I do know the 2nd camera appears to be pointed at their vehicle which is parked on the street. I have asked and they do say certainly they have cameras. Ought to it be posted? How a lot of the road or other folks property can be on the video clip? Or do they have to end at their home line?

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Response by CircuitBoy
That is actually creepy. I do not consider you are necessary to submit symptoms but I also know that you can not break the legislation possibly. Filming your youngster seems creepy and I would it's possible take into account asking them if they can level it in a different course or why they have it dealing with that way. If they don't want to be acceptable, then call the police. Do you know significantly about your neighbors? I would not believe in them.

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