Friday, August 26, 2011

Neice may be getting molested? Nanny camera.?

Query by ~Nebraska Girl~: Neice might be getting molested? Nanny digital camera.?
My sister believes that her boyfriend (tiny girls father) is molesting her. He molested his other kid, who he has with a distinct woman. The minor woman informed her mommy that she hurt down there when she changed her diaper and that daddy did it.

This guy is really mean and beats my sister all the time. What she desires to do is get a nanny digital camera and place it up in her property and enjoy him. She has nothing at all she can hook it up to no laptop or computer or television and if he discovered out about it he would destroy her. She is actually afraid of him.

So i need aid obtaining a nanny camera that will document, and no one particular will suspect a factor of it.?

any ideas?


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Reply by mz112ungu
Any good electronics store has good, modest digital cameras. There will be some know-how necessary in wiring it up so that it is invisible, but it appears as although it would be worth the effort.

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