Thursday, August 18, 2011

What is the best wireless hidden camera (like a nanny cam)?

Issue by Jackie: What is the finest wireless hidden digital camera (like a nanny cam)?

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Solution by SHO
Hi there!

Well, if you would like a digital camera that is previously concealed in a home item, these kinds of as a clock or other things click on on these hyperlinks: camera-Pen-Holder_W0QQitemZ140097557360QQcategoryZ66738QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

Now, if you want to get really sneaky, and cover it some in which that is really inconspicuous to the babysitter, click on the link down below.

This link is also great for watching your baby at night time sleeping in his/her crib so you can preserve a close eye out for him/her.

Here is this the website link for the above description:

Hope this allows you out! :)-----These are mini wireless color cameras with a extremely obvious image, and can operate on a DC jack, or very last four-7 hours on a nine volt battery.

P.S. the 2nd link has extremely obvious wireless night vision cameras. These are quite very good as I mentioned, if you are likely to observe your baby at night.

Good Luck!

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