Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Q&A: do you guys know where i can find a waterproof wall clock nanny camera?

Query by |||RocK3r|||: do you men know in which i can discover a waterproof wall clock nanny digital camera?
i live with roomates and for some cause my toothbrush is constantly wet..i confront them about it and none confess to employing it..or worse. i not too long ago obtained a wall clock camera but it was quite cheap which had and Okay picture. a single a person showered (no im not peeking at the guys showering) the steam i guess received in the cables and now there is no signal to the receiver, i experimented with testing in my place and nothing, it seems to be dead. any h2o proof or bathroom secure wall clock cameras you know about and in which i can obtain them? a standard black and white or coloured 1 is Okay. nothing also extreme. thank you !

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Reply by anthony h
Why don't you just retain your toothbrush in a plastic bag absent your roommates (like preserve it in your space in a drawer)? In the meantime, just leave a dummy toothbrush in the bathroom. If you're sensation like testing them, you can put some scorching pepper stuff on it. Would seem like that would be a great deal less costly than a camera clock.

Otherwise, what you happen to be undertaking is fundamentally illegal--taping men and women in a private region without their consent--and you might be critically putting by yourself at risk of jail more than a freakin' toothbrush.

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