Monday, August 15, 2011

Home Security DVR problems?

Query by Some One: House Security DVR difficulties?
Following my new house was burglarized a week before I obtained married, I bought a 4ch DVR with tough push program from eBay. It was installed about eight months in the past. Now the DVR unit will not reply to the remote no matter how a lot of diverse batteries I set in it. It also does not react to the buttons I push on the entrance of it. Its conduct is erratic. When I was messing with it this early morning, I only obtained it to reply to two buttons to alter the digital camera views--to Digital camera one and Quad, but the reaction time was delayed. I are not able to make it perform back. The unit does not have a brand identify and the manual has been inadequately translated from some Asian language and is at most moments indecipherable.

So what do I do about the DVR system? Is there a way to make it perform back again with the laptop or computer? Is there a way to correct it?

If I require to acquire a new DVR unit, what do I want to know? I know the cameras have a typical CCTV video connector and I will want a 500 gb harddrive...but do these things come jointly? Can I use any other security digital camera DVR program? This time I want to buy a single that has a brand title, so can I nonetheless use the cameras I have?

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Solution by takeemmac
I set up about two DRVS a week and you get what you pay out for and then occasionally you shell out to much for junk. go with Honeywell ahdr, hrhd DRVS you can discover them on ebay. I use 80gb hds models in most of my buyers and they work wonderful. I have a number of ahdr sixteen camera units that have been in service more than ten years. they are very easy to use, and basic to set up. If you would like to remote watch the dvr you need to have the computer software but it is on the internet as properly. if you are working windows 7 or vista you will require ras as well as software if you are working xp then you can use ras software program i like this software program far better it is easier to operate. if your cameras have bnc's on them then you ought to be in a position to use them. I actually will not consider you need to have 500gb. 80gb will give you about thirty days of storage then the dvr will rewrite above the oldest video initial.

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