Thursday, August 25, 2011

Why does he refuse to get a nanny camera?

Problem by El. La: Why does he refuse to get a nanny camera?
Ever before because I employed this saty-in nanny to take care of my 8 months previous child, I've been trying to convince my husband of obtaining a nanny digital camera to make confident my newborn is in secure arms. I acquired some kind of cellular cam, but it is only placed in one particular room of the property, and in addition, the nanny is aware of abot it as it can not be hidden, so I are not able to know what I need to know, and the nanny spends most of the time with my infant in the other place, in which there is no camera. So I told my husband I want to get a new digital camera, with a wider vision, but 1 that can be concealed and not notify my nanny about it. I am frightened that this nanny may be neglecting the baby, or, she may possibly be allowing an individual in the home, it is not a secure neighborhood, and the nanny is not very smart to smell danger and poor individuals, I am afraid she may believe in a particular man and enable him in, who would flip out a kidnapper, kill her and kidnap my child. I know it can be an extreme thinking, but I need to know that my child is secure.
The difficulty is, even my mom and sister consider that I am getting obsessed with the idea, and they are taking my husband's aspect in this (they even talked about I need to see a therapist to get rid of these bad thoughts. But I advised my husband that the only way I will get rid of these thoughts is if I see with my eyes how she treats my newborn.

My husband's worry is that, as soon as I get a digital camera, the actual issues will begin if I start selecting on small foolish specifics that I see on the digital camera.
Am I truly crazy? am I overeacting?

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Answer by bckennels
No your not over reacting. If I was you I would get one more camera! Tell your husband to guy up and get 1!! xx

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