Thursday, May 19, 2011

Home video surveillance question...?

Question by tacoma: Residence video surveillance query...?
Does any person have a technique to advise for a
tiny residence. What would you look to get if evening safety
is an problem. I understand individuals are purchasing methods that
connect to a personal computer, but would not that need a relatively
high-priced personal computer? Mostly interested in road and
backyard safety. Manufacturers and price variety that you
experience would do the job. thanks

Very best solution:

Response by mommy of two
I have them each and every wherever, very first you don't need a higher tech pc. Go on ebay that is where my husband acquired them from. Check out to appear up actual time 4 channel wireless receiver design (RC530A) Then seem up LYD RoHS WIRELESS camera design (802) and see if that can support you the price tag I never know but that's how and wherever we received them. Alright you will need the receiver, and hook that up to your comp. and that's what displays you the action, and then you put the camares in which actually you would like I hope I helped a little sorry great luck seeking and buying!!!

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