Wednesday, May 4, 2011

what is a cheap solution to home video surveillance?

Issue by john franco: what is a low-cost resolution to house video surveillance?
I am acquiring difficulties with folks stealing my stuff and vandalizing my residence. I want to check the outside and within but not have the cameras inside visible. I am not trying to spend a entire whole lot on this. Make sure you advocate me cheap video clip cameras. (wireless preferred)

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Reply by Mmm J
"Wireless" surveillance cameras use much more wires that wired surveillance cameras...

Wired cams: One particular cable carrying video clip signal and electrical power back to the recording device and power resource.

Wireless cam: The camera has a electric power cable. The digital camera transmits wireless video to a base station. The base station has a cable for video clip connecting to the video clip recorder or check and a cable for energy.

The minimum pricey cameras will have no night time vision. Is this a requirement?
The minimum high-priced video recording platform will most likely be a VHS tape unit you may well previously have. You could need to buy tapes.

How many cameras do want to install?
How good are you expecting the resolution to be?
Instead than VHS tape, use of a hard disc drive in a surveillance DVR may well be worthwhile.

There are some kits accessible...

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