Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Anyone here considering home surveillance video as protection to a home invasion?

Question by Newell: Anyone the following thinking about property surveillance video as safety to a home invasion?
I previously have a movement activated digital camera to see who is snooping close to in my backyard when I am at operate.

I am contemplating however, of finding surveillance cameras for my home. I have burglar bars and doors, but people only operate if they are locked. If a person follows me residence and sticks a gun in my experience as I am unlocking the gate to my driveway, certainly, I am going to comply. There are no secrets in this ghetto, so I suppose the local gang members know I have guns. So I dread them ambushing me one particular night time and finding access to my property. I am five foot 4 and 118 lbs and not extremely physically imposing. Also the gun I carry is only a .25 automobile, and I carry it in such a way as to avoid detection in a cease and frisk, so a quick draw is out of the query. So if somebody draws a 9 (the current favored weapon of 18th Street Gang) on me, I will have to comply.

I think it might be useful, if some gang members are in my home to tell them :"Oh, by the way, there are 6 cameras that have been taking your pictures. Kill me, and you will devote the up coming thirty many years on Death Row."

But all that would count on them NOT currently being able to locate the video clip recorder. Is there some internet service that you can shell out to upload video clip and keep it, so burglars and criminals cannot get ahold of it?

I reside in Los Angeles. There are no gun permits here.

If you really believe that a person would rather be inside of prison rather than outdoors of it, you lack a basic comprehending of the genuine planet.
Glacierwolf's Boyfriend: The word is "you might be" (quick for "you are,") not "your."

There are no gun permits in Los Angeles. Large city cops do not like locals. They like other cops and see all non cops as the enemy. 18th Gang has 25,000 members. They are not afraid of the 10,000 members of the Los Angeles Police Department and they are not frightened of me. I guess you dwell in a truly little town. All your guidance is worthless in a mega city. Stick to gving suggestions to Mayberry R.F.D.

Very best answer:

Answer by Father Christmas
I have them at my property. These game cams offer for anywhere from $ forty to $ 140. For that sum of funds, you can photograph people that are lurking around your residence the two day and night, although you are absent.

Numerous burglars will visit a place days in advance of actually robbing a property. They want to see how effortless it is to get access, and if a particular person has a puppy or not.

An additional easy point to do is use programmable timers to turn on lights and radios at diverse instances in the course of the day and evening. Just tuning your radio into a talk display and obtaining it occur on a couple instances a day will sound like men and women are having a conversation within your property.

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