Saturday, May 14, 2011

I think they have hidden cameras in their house (nanny job)?

Question by BB: I assume they have concealed cameras in their residence (nanny career)?

Here's the point. I thinkt the household i function as a nanny for have hidden cameras in their house, i am suspicious as i around heard them chatting about protection cameras, quite briefly but nonetheless...i constantly felt as if they have them, perhaps i'm paranoid but the dad and mom are extremely controlling...So, my query is how can i quickly locate out if they have them (asking them is not an option). Is there any widespread areas they generally hide them and what are the indications...I believe they have one particular in their bathroom and living place but this loved ones is sort of ridiculous so i assume they have one particular in all of their rooms. So make sure you assist, if you know something, thanks alot.
I do not have a difficulty with it if they had informed me Just before. I'm not performing anything at all improper it really is not at all about that. I assume it's an invasion of privacy. IF they had informed me just before i would be Okay with it but not telling me is what worries me due to the fact i do not want to be on digital camera, what do i know about what they would do with the footage? i never like men and women having me on camera without having me agreeing and declaring indeed to that. what's so incorrect with that? Individuals must notify you these factors just before, it can be only organic, now it can be much more like they are spying on me, get it?
I am not concerned about losing my job, i am planing on quitting anyways. Another factor i also assume they have is microphones...I just don't like folks who are sneaky about it, just notify me before so i know, and the digital camera in the rest room issue is just something i am actually suspicious of and worries me the most simply because it's just...sick.

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Response by Texperson
If you are a good nanny, this shouldn't be an problem for you. I believe if I had babies and minor kids by yourself all day with a caregiver, I would also want to be confident everything was being handled nicely.

So why does it hassle you so a lot? If you are just performing your job correct, the cameras will exhibit excellent treatment. If you are not, you should give up anyway. Cameras or no cameras.

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