Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What would you do if you thought your neighbor had a video surveillance cam aimed right at your home?

Query by kaspercoffee: What would you do if you assumed your neighbor had a video surveillance cam aimed right at your residence?
She looks to know Every thing we do. We are new neighbors and no criminal document. Only a single minor window on their upper floor that faces our property so they would have to view out the window all day. I know that is not probable, so they have to have a closed circuit tv qualified on our property. They know when we have UPS deliveries, consult who was in our driveway (whilst they knew we ended up here), why we were moving out selected furnishings when we just obtained it, they know our furnishings deliveries, when my kid comes above, whether or not or not I depart in the day (she even stated that I keep in alot), and so forth. This is all just points they couldn't know except they have a tv keep track of proper by their television set viewing us. I am really acquiring creeped out. This is violating my every day privacy rights. What would you do?
We bought the home.

Finest remedy:

Remedy by u_desire_214
I would phone the police. She can be labeled as a stalker. If practically nothing else, shoot her!!! J.K. If the police will not do something, do a thing gross that will make her stop seeking to look in your window.

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