Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Q&A: I am looking to install 4 wireless motion-activated cameras around the house..anyone ever do this?

Query by Alexander M: I am seeking to set up 4 wireless movement-activated cameras around the residence..any person at any time do this?
I prefer wireless, weather-evidence and need to document anything to my house network server.

Greatest remedy:

Answer by Tiny Dog
I would propose that you use a devoted surveillance DVR relatively than a typical data server. Video can use a lot of storage room and IP cameras are a whole lot much more costly than non-IP cameras... then, when you assign the IP deal with to the DVR and include it to your property network, you can nonetheless get to the video clip from a personal computer on your network... or you can also set up monitoring cabilities by connecting the keep an eye on-out jack on the DVR to the televisions on you home. You can't do this monitoring part with IP based mostly cameras very simply.

And... you do recognize that "wireless" implies the only wireless component is the video clip connection... the digital camera even now needs energy - and you require a wire for that (unless you get a solar driven one particular with a battery that charges when the sun is out...

Go to In the blue tabs on the left, hover more than "Electronic Parts" and stick to the route: Safety: Closed Circuit Television: and look in CCTV kits, Recorders, Wired or Wireless cameras.

I use a 4-channel Lorex recorder and have a mix of Lorex, Swann and Q-See cameras - all are outdoor rated with evening vision. Mine are all wired (video signal), also. Any of the cameras significantly less than $ 100 will not present decent video clip.

Of training course, if you have a massive finances, then verify the PTZ IP cams in the domes... At $ one,000 every or more, they will not fairly make sense to me, but the Pan, Tilt, Zoom features are pretty awesome... and if you can find the money for these, you ought to most likely hire a person to do the installation.

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