Thursday, May 26, 2011

What toys/games should we have to keep 8-9 yr. old boys from destroying my house?

Question by momof2boys: What toys/video games really should we have to retain eight-9 yr. previous boys from destroying my property?
I have two boys, ages 5 & eight. They play rather mellow jointly - video games, legos, creative play and so forth. But when we have neighborhood kids (other boys ages seven-9) above, it is a cost-free for all. The boys all go wild and play really agressively - tons of energy expelled and not very constructively. Toys get damaged, kids get hurt and my property is getting slowing destroyed. I believe our toys are probably also "young" and they get bored fast? We have legos, Thomas Trains, Playmobile sets, Lincoln Logs, Very hot Wheels, Rescue Heroes, Spy Gear things, and so forth. We are not interested in acquiring any gaming techniques (playstation, wii, etc.) for a few a long time. Does everyone have any tips on winter, indoor toys/video games that boys this age like to do inside? Or do you believe I just require to be stricter and insist they settle down in some way and play with what we have? When they are all playing at other houses, they mostly play the gaming programs (or go wild in someone's unfinished basement wherever the proprietor does not treatment what they do).

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Solution by momma2mingbu
I consider they just will need a lot more supervision. Buying much more things just provides them a lot more things to make a mess with or ruin. If they are too wild, bundle them up and send them exterior to work off some vitality.

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