Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Motion-activated camera?

Question by rzrbk62: Motion-activated camera?
Can anyone inform me what would be a good choice for a movement-activated digital camera? I have a very small dog who is by some means getting on leading of my kitchen countertops when I am not residence, & I want to see how he is accomplishing this feat! Or ought to I just set up a camcorder?

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Reply by Anthony Lopez
Greater for you to just get a camcorder (if you have one already) due to the fact my home setup cost 299.99 for 2 wireless movement activated cameras and components that record on motion to a SD card slot.

Somewhat spend $ twenty (for digital camera tape) then $ 300 (home movement activated setup) to see my canine do one thing. Like they say "Curiosity killed the cat" but in this circumstance it would be the dog. Haha.

The dog will most likely do some thing quite soon anyways when you depart and turn the camera on. Righttt? ha.

Glad to assist.

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