Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I do assited living in my own home in Maryland. Is it legal to keep video surveillance on my patients?

Question by sachmo_martinez: I do assited living in my individual residence in Maryland. Is it legal to preserve video clip surveillance on my sufferers?
Some of them are not all together here. Do I require the families consent or what?

Best answer:

Solution by glistam3
In brief, it depends exactly where you are viewing them. You can not put them in bathrooms, showers or shifting regions, for any explanation.

However it is completely legal to video file widespread places exactly where the patients are, so lengthy as they are not bathrooms or personal areas.

The relevant law relating to is § 3-901 and the subsequent sections.

Below § 3-903. Camera surveillance. Portion (6) is an exception that reads:
"(6) any aspect of a private residence utilized for enterprise functions, like any portion of a personal residence utilised as a day care house..."

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