Sunday, June 26, 2011

How can I set up a home surveillance camera?

Query by Ismael: How can I set up a home surveillance camera?
I want to set up a residence surveillance camera to report 24hrs a day what it sees. I want it to preserve the video clips into a laptop or computer, each day would b a separate video file.

Is this achievable? If yes, what would be the most inexpensive surveillance camera to get? Any other devices I would require to but?

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Reply by Proud Latino/Russian =)
Sure it is feasible. Go to best acquire or circuit town. You can even consider walmart. They need to arrive in kits by the way and software program for you to install on your laptop or computer.

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  1. Wireless Outdoor IP Camera

    Home security cameras can be utilized to secure a location such as the front doors, so you can be made aware if an intruder suddenly enters.