Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Q&A: people plan on vandalizing my house this weekend, I caught wind of it and I need help for my defense.?

Query by James O: individuals approach on vandalizing my residence this weekend, I caught wind of it and I will need support for my defense.?
i stay in a tiny town, and its variety of custom to fuck with every single others auto/houses.
and i have a twin brother and me and him are the champs at it. you cant come near.
and these cocky juniors feel id be a very good idea to pour condiments all above my different cars this weekend.
And i have many pals and they have numerous enemies, and i have been informed quite a few times of there notion, and theyve announce it to the school like the cocky losers they are.
So i now have a member of the field hockey team which they all play on on the within, and she has gotten me a day, and a time.
so i now know when they are coming. And i require a number of suggestions of what to do when i catch them at my house. I have a couple of children who stay around by who suggested cornering them on my driveway, which isnt a bad thought, but i want to know precisely when there coming so anyone know fo some cool spy gear to get? and what suggestions to do when i method them

Finest solution:

Response by LMG
sit on roof with paint ball gun

if u cant get paint ball gun (or dont want to hurt emm that undesirable)

a hose is good

or throw firecrackers at them

eggs would be good but youd have to clean them up of your individual property

or although their at you property get ur buddies or twin to go to their houses and do the very same issue to their cars

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