Sunday, June 12, 2011

I think my boyfriend has a home made video surveillance setup in our bedroom and bathroom. How can I find out?

Issue by Ann J: I consider my boyfriend has a house made video surveillance setup in our bed room and bathroom. How can I find out?
I KNOW I'm getting watched somehow by my boyfriend. I looked everywhere for cameras or some kind of DVR but can only discover wires that are not hooked up. I recently saw him messing with our Samsung television remote in the manual somewhere but he quickly took it off the screen when I arrived in the room. Is there a way to perform nearly anything he may possibly have recorded if all I have is a Direct Television remote, and a new model Samsung tv remote? And, I flat out asked if he was watching me... he explained no and I'm crazy.

Finest response:

Solution by J
did you appear on utube?

Immediate Television remote wont aid do you have a dvd cd vhs blueray
verify them he mite have left vid in them
can examine his dvd cd selection
and his laptop computer

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