Thursday, June 23, 2011

Is it legal for an employer to watch his employees through video surveillance at his home?

Query by Kayla: Is it legal for an employer to enjoy his staff via movie surveillance at his house?
i function in the mall in NC and my employer, also the owner of the retailer, watches us via the cameras that are in the store from his property. he apparently can pull them up on the web or one thing and view us dwell?? he will at times call the shop and request concerns like "why has this particular person been in the back for so extended?" or "i see yall haven't been busy given that you are just standing all around powering the counter". i locate this extremely creepy and unusual and sort of an invasion of my personal space.

is this legal?? if not, what are the cause behind this? if somebody feels the will need to waste their time observing their personnel throughout the day, why don't they just go to the retailer and operate themselves?

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Solution by Zaltakar
I dont' know but I would say no

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