Thursday, June 2, 2011

Q&A: will you suggest a nanny camera?

Query by Arnyyek: will you propose a nanny digital camera?
My mother is caring for my 15 month aged. I am afraid that she may be hurting my baby. Its been 6 months since she has been observing him, and so far he has gotten damage three instances. With bruses in odd places, ear, eye, and leg.

When I was youthful he would pinch me, pull my hair, and slap my deal with. I will not know if I should rely on her explainations about my son bruses. Should I get a nanny digital camera? Or am I getting paranoic?
She's only an occasional child sitter.
The cost doesn't bother me, I am just questioning if I am getting too paranoic about it that all.

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Reply by mtyrgalo
any suspicion of the abuse has to be followed up on.. are you asking whether the price of the digital camera worth your child's properly-currently being?.. i believe it's a no-brainer.

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