Saturday, June 18, 2011

Nanny Cam's (cameras)?

Question by Nicko: Nanny Cam's (cameras)?
What do you think of them?
I believe they are the greatest concept ever! But as a substitute of being secrecative about them.....I would tell the nanny that i have hidden camers installed. I would also lie and say that i have a lot more than i do in fact!!!!!
I just would fairly it not transpire, than catching the nanny in action.

Nancy Grace has 86 nanny cam's in her home....
Certainly! I noticed that video the other day... It broke my heart! You can hear the small baby crying by way of the entire video clip. Makes me just want to hold the small baby and adore it!
I wager the dad and mom of that infant and all of the other babies this has took place to just give their babys soooo considerably adore!!!!
I would just die if i found an individual healing my little one that way
I just genuinely will not recognize it at alllllll!!!

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Reply by Mommy x2 ♥*´`*•.
nanny cams are a excellent notion.Appears like you can't rely on anyone these days....that is one particular of the good reasons I am a keep-at-home mommy.

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