Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What would someone who have all this items use it for?

Issue by Billy: What would somebody who have all this products use it for?
Back in Nov, there was a trespasser on my land at night. When I, my two sons, a buddy and two canines went out to the abandoned property to try out find this trespasser, both dogs ran to the residence following being sprayed with a mace by the trespasser. When one of my son noticed the trespasser, he was so scared that he just froze right there.

He states the trespasser was donning some sort of outfit you see spy sporting in motion pictures. He says the trespasser ran all way to the river and acquired in and by no means arrived out. The water was someplace in 40's at the time!

Tonight even though on facebook, I found a neighbor kid who was on my good friend listing generating a comment on a photo of an individual else. I went to it and found it was person that seem really significantly like as my son described the trespasser.

When an individual asked what he was wearing, he place in this:

"My gears adjust routinely, but here's a list of what I have on in this image-
Orca S3 sleeveless triathlo wetsuit
wylex spear goggles
Troy Lee se elbow guard
Troy Lee Combat knee guard sprayed flat black
Black longsleeve rashguard
Yates padded Lightweight assault harness
B2 flat black helmet
fingerless tactical rappelling gloves
Oneil Heat Ninja Split Toe gentle sole surf boots

That canister on the webbing is a spare air
The knife is Gerber again up guardian"

What could this individual be up to? Why the outfit?

Best solution:

Answer by Crusatta
A person is residing out an SEAL fantasy. Most of that gear is built to be "tactical-like" but is not military concern.

What do you believe? Remedy down below!

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